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  1. Looking to rent a 2g-3g for 35K a Week Max. Looking to rent to buy the house. Call text #4488972
  2. My name is TONY LITTLE. I’m definitely interested in joining your gang.
  3. LT1LE

    Applied March 12th

    I don’t care how fast or long it takes. I just want an update to see what day they are on. That’s all I care about. Keeping people in the dark for 2 months is not cool though. Automatic emails that go out every week or something would be nice.
  4. So I applied back in March and I got a denial on April 15th. I waited for the cool off and reapplied.... been waiting ever since. Was just wondering if anyone knows the day they are on for application approvals.
  5. LT1LE

    4 Weeks later?

    I submitted my application coming up on 4 weeks this Sunday... haven’t heard anything back. Just trying to make sure you guys have the right email for me or if I’m missing something..... is 4 weeks the standard wait time? Because a month ago people were saying it would be a week... 2 weeks at the latest before I got a response.
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