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United Unity [Recruiting]

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United Unity


We were thought to be the most dangerous gang back in Liberty City, that was until the cops busted in our place of operation and fucked over the entire thing. A good fifteen members were taken into custody, however none of them ratted out the remaining five. Two of the executives stayed together while the rest went they're separate ways, never to be heard of again. After the talk of the dangerous storm in Liberty City, us two executives moved to Liberty City, in search of a better life. It quickly occurred to us that the amount of gang activity was stupendous, Cops barely took action, so we knew this was the place to operate... We just knew...



If you wish to apply click here OR visit unitedunity.tk for more information

((Please note there will not be much crime activity going on in this faction until the criminal update has been released!))

Recruitment status: OPEN


  • English only!
  • Listen to everyone's opinion on something...
  • We have a discord, don't interrupt people unless it is extremely important!
  • Don't be too controlling of someone just because you may be a rank above them.
  • If you have a problem with another faction member, report it to a higher/high up.

-What We Do-

  • We do anything crime related ((I will have a more accurate answer when the criminal update is released))
  • Drug related transportation
  • Robberies
  • Kidnapping

Other Information

  • Visit unitedunity.tk firstly, to see if your question is answered there
  • Pay has not been decided ((Pay will be decided a couple days after the criminal update is released))
  • A more detailed description on ranks will be added soon
  • You will be invited to the discord upon being accepted

More information will be posted at a later date, I'm waiting to see what the criminal update brings to the table

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