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Shroud Coalition

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Shroud Coalition


Shroud Coalition found its beginnings after a chance encounter between two of the current leaders Robin and Vasily Fedorov, wherein one tried to mug the other while the other was minding their business and performing their duties as a garbage truck operator and trash collector. By some unimaginable measure the two managed to find common ground with each other, and both opted to abandon their civilian lives in favor of teaming up and living the dangerous yet much more appealing life of crime. During their escapes together, they slowly formed a crew of likeminded individuals, those who were fed up with living the normal day to day life in the streets of Los Santos. Two men became three and eventually they came across the path of Elias Brooks, a criminal with not just good leadership skills, but a vision. Now with Elias, also known as ‘Eli’, three became four, and four eventually became over a dozen men and women going around, robbing stores, boosting cars, and killing all while looking out for each other. Some would refer to them now as modern-day outlaws, they think different.

“We just happen to live an alternative lifestyle, we don’t fit in with normal society, so we made our own. That’s all.” – Elias Brooks, a leader of the Shroud Coalition.

Our Statement and Promise to You.

“We’re here to offer a place for those who are ready to throw their common lives away in exchange for a far more dangerous and exhilarating one, 9-5ers who are sick of working and waiting two weeks for their next check when they could have what they want the moment they want it. Does that sound like you? Well then join us. We’re looking to be for those like us, we’ll need you when we’re the biggest, baddest gang in Los Santos.”

Current Situation

At the moment, the Shroud Coalition is focused on finding as many people who are like them, people who are ready throw down, get rough, and do whatever it takes to get what they deserve. They’re currently a small group that travels in a tight pack, robbing, stealing, and holding up those who are unfortunate enough cross them. While extending a hand to those looking to occupy themselves in the dangerous life of crime lifestyle.

Future Plans/Current Goals

Right now, Shroud Coalition has been focused on gaining capital in all categories: Money, Drugs, Guns, & Cars. Whilst focusing on recruitment and expanding their ranks, building a steady supply of these much-needed resources for the following reasons: Money as a safety net, Drugs to push back onto the street for a profit, Guns to equip and defend our own with, & Cars for those sweet sweet cars shows, block parties, and most importantly: Helpful getaway vehicles.

Dress Code

Members of Shroud Coalition are primarily from middle classed backgrounds, although there are some formerly homeless, army vets, mercenaries, and whatnot within our ranks. As a result, while there is no formal dress code at the time being, our busy, crime ridden lifestyle usually prefers us wear a mix between personal & utilitarian clothing for various needs. Cargo pants, for carrying, jackets with hidden pockets, dark colored clothing to be less visible during the night. As it stands now their dress code is loose, but mandatory Black/Dark Grey colors, this includes their vehicles as well.


We cannot have a group of individuals from different backgrounds performing the things we do and living the lives we live without some form of structure and order within ourselves, see below for the ranking structure of the Shroud Coalition


The founding members/individuals who have played a major role in forming and shaping our group into what it is today, they are the Top Bosses, the Dons, the El Jefe’s and organizers of our family with the final say in every large decision brought to their attention.


Report to the Commanders only, Lieutenants are responsible for overseeing the group in the absence of the commanders, as well as responsible for commanding a small 4-2 sized groups of Enforcer/Soldiers in the event of large-scale raids/lucrative opportunities should they arise. The Lieutenants also serve as advisors to the Commanders, responsible for seeking out and bringing in lucrative resources for the Coalition this includes Drug Trafficking, Car Boosting, Weapons Dealing, Prostitution, etc. Each Lieutenant is responsible for overseeing an area that best suits their inherent skills.


Loyal members and top prospects for leadership within the Shroud Enforcers are members who have stuck with the gang for a long period of time and have proven themselves more than once, Enforcers are fully fledged, dedicated members to the cause who will stop at nothing to uphold our ideals while looking out for our own. Enforcers also seek out potential recruits and put them through their paces to see whether they are a good fit for the group with the approval of the Lieutenants and above.


Soldiers are full members of Shroud Coalition these members have passed the initiation processes and all trials and tribulations that go along with it. New blood that is ready to smuggle, steal, and aim down the sights of a gun at another human being in the for the sake of the group.


Street thugs, scum, criminals, they’ve been called those things many times before, but the difference is this time they’ve been recognized by the Shroud Coalition to have potential and be of use to our family in one way or another. Recruits are those who are have the potential to become one of us and need to prove themselves to be down for the cause. Once a Recruit has proven themselves in one way or another test provided to them by an Enforcer or above, the become fully fledged Soldiers.


-          Always look out for and respect your fellow Coalition members, we’re criminals in the eyes of the law sure, but we’re still family.

-          Carry yourself with dignity, even in public. What we do in our private time is our business and no one else’s, don’t act like a fool and ruin our public image, you never know which potential allies could be watching.

-          We do not kill those who comply, we do not betray those who have taken an interest in us without sufficient cause to believe they will harm us.

-          Most importantly, stick it out with us and let the good times roll!

Current Activity/Whereabouts:

Rumors indicate that members and leadership typically meet up in the isolated outskirts of Los Santos, with most common sightings being around or near the Discount Gun Store before heading out on a series of crime sprees. Although we can be found virtually anywhere there is a profit to be made, if one were to try hard enough, finding us wouldn’t be too difficult, but then again, we’re usually the ones that are doing the finding. If you see one of us, don’t be afraid to approach us, after all. We’re people just like you, we just happen to live an alternative lifestyle.

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