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Cruise Control not working when leaving the ATM truck

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Date and time (provide timezone): 20th of March, 3p.m. CET

Character name: Wolfgang Schröder

Issue/bug you are reporting: Doing a ATM refill job, using the cruise control (set to 70). Works just fine. Now when I leave the car to check on an ATM and then get back into the car, the cruise control is still activated, BUT not working: I can go as fast as I want. Deactivating it and activating it back again, fixes it and it works once more.

Expected behavior:  Cruise still working the way it worked when you're exiting a car.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: check video; get into ATM car (and maybe others?), /cruise 70, L to activate the cruise control, speed up to 70. Drive to location. Exit car. Work on ATM. Get back in car. Accelerate: it won't be throttled.

Vehicle license plate number*: Probably does not matter, but: KF453D9


Edit: tested with garbage truck, no issues there

Edit2: same issue with Bison (normal car), after leaving it for some minutes. Note: did not relog, no server restart, or anything, no parking lot. Just locked it and when I came back, the cruiser didn't throttle, but it was on


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