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Weapon licenses

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Hello there,

I truly think that weapon licenses are way too easy to obtain and everyone is running around with weapons lawfully nowadays. Increasing the cost of obtaining one or revising it so people will have to apply on GOV forums to obtain one would do (this would cause extra work for PD yes). Now that, we are growing pretty fast - something should be done as soon as possible unless you want everyone to run around like Jason Statham.



-Less DM reports

-Weapons being something somewhat special to have instead of everyone having it.



-Extra work for PD (if it is to be revised to an application system)

Thanks for your time.

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There is also plans to remove the automation of firearms licenses and add more factors to it. We've already got it set up, pending scripting. This is to encourage criminals to interact with other criminals and get their guns illegally rather than trying to own a firearms license. 

The LSPD division is ready, scripting is pending.

Oh and side note, I'm also a gun store owner and I think this change would be great! 

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FatherOsborn if criminals turn to illegal market in 95% of situations where they buy guns illegaly probably import on ammo should be revorked a bit as you can import small ammounts of ammo.

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TBH I don't give a shit about Americans having or not having guns. Why? Because I'm a licensed hunter. I will have mine.22 baby not mater what will happen to American laws. The only thing I worry about is how to find a good hunting gear. Speaking of which - my scope is in a very bad condition. Right now I'm thinking about buying a new one. I saw a nice review of scopes on the https://consumerepic.com/ site. All of the scopes from the list looks perfect and I don't know which one to pick. As for the 9mm and other stuff like that - as I said earlier, I don't care about it.


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