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RP Abuse and a way to help it

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So im going to try and keep this short and sweet.

Its obvious there is a huge influx of players, and it is impossible to be 100% successful weeding people out.

However, the amount of KOS and powergaming that is going on, without proper punishment, is insane.

I am talking about players who storm on site, guns drawn, and that refuse to even engage in RP.


Tonight's favorite scene:
-pull up to customs shop and park car

Guy in devil mask confronts me at door

Type out that I cant hear what he is saying

He punches me

I type out in /ooc "I cant hear you, kinda ruins the RP"

He types out "You f*****g pussy"

He punches me again

I punch him

His friend comes over

Type out "I cant hear your friend either" (Voip has issues, we know)

His friend shoots me

Original guy loots my body

His friend insta kills me


The more common scene:
Lowered ricer car rolls up into middle of muddy farmers field

"This is my field, pay up"

"Sorry sir, I am an honest farmer just working for myself and Paul"

Two guys get out


or the more common "I own those bags of wheat" trick


You get the point. So how can we fix it?

I saw the post about moderators, I don't want an admin tag (and probably wouldn't be accepted). I want to play, build, and enjoy the RP community. I want to build a community like NoPixel has, but on a 300+ player base. But I also want to help rid the server of these people.

So what's my idea? Sub moderators. I don't understand the level of coding involved on the private side, but essentially a button that pops up a menu:

1 - Record surrounding players ID (one that sticks?)

2 - Record offences

Essentially giving the ability for a select group of say 10-15 "approved" active players to 'flag' potentially cancerous players without having to constantly screen capture or stream to provide video evidence.

This system would work on something like 10 ticks, after your player id has been flagged 10 times for a punishable offence some kind of action is taken, such as:
"Garbage duty" - must perform community service for X hours

"Brick Breaker" - Clean up the quarry by breaking X amount of stone


This system could be classified as "Citizens On Patrol" - as if a bystander saw and anonymously reported the incident.

This isn't a ban on offence system, but more so a "you're gonna learn" system. I want these people to play, and enjoy this with us, but some of them are making it very hard to enjoy.

I wish we could speed up the call police/EMT function without it being abused.


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3 minutes ago, Hilbert said:

Yes, happens way too much. That's the reason why I don't do farming. Every time there's some sort of d1ckhead and his 3 friends claiming they have KOS.

For a while there the police presence was great at Pauls farm. Sadly that has fallen off, and basically makes farming an unusable job.

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