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Microphone doesn't work in EclipseRP only - Help me troubleshoot

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It's my understanding that servers running on RageMP implement their own voice communication, so at the very least it isn't unusual that my mic works in GTA:Online and other private servers but not EclipseRP.

I'm here to figure out what I can do to get it working. Here is some context for what I've tried:

  • I have verified that my mic volume level in windows is set to 100% and have listened to the device to make sure it is adequately loud.
  • I set Windows to not allow an app to take control of an audio device, so it should be shared and not mute sound.
  • Multiple microphones (USB & Jack) work in Discord and in other GTA servers.
  • I have set the mic sensitivity in game all the way to max (so it is most sensitive) and tried the opposite just to be sure.
  • I have tried voice activation and push to talk.
  • I have made sure my GTA online "m" setting for online communication is set to "Everyone" instead of "myself" or "only friends" (I don't think this matters, but I'm trying anything)
  • I have restarted RageMP multiple times, connected directly, connected through the server browser, and restarted my PC
  • I have tried having an audio jack mic plugged in alongside the USB mic to make sure something is registered. (Windows is weird w/ audio devices, this is a common trick to get Stereo Mix to work when using a USB headset, so I figured it could maybe work here).
  • I made sure my Steam settings for voice communication are set to the right mic. Even had a voice chat with a friend over Steam.

1) What is the default voice push to talk key bind (I believe it is N)? I've rebound my keys and maybe the voice client has an issue with that. I'd like to set to default and see what happens.

2) Do other people see the character menu when you hit escape that has the Single Player character options? It is possible rageMP is launching Single Player mode which isn't set up to transmit voice audio. I found a post about this digging through the archives with a potential solution and I'll try it when I get home, but I doubt this is the same issue since I'm able to fully connect to the server and play.

Has anyone else experienced issues with their microphone not transmitting sound in EclipseRP? What did you do to fix it? Did it randomly start working?

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