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How you doin'?

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Hello people of the forums,


I just thought I'd drop by and say hello. I'm the new guy - I guess one of many.

I've had a longer break from GTA RP and kinda missed it so I looked around for new servers and stumbled upon eclipse. Liked what I saw and applied.

Well, someone was foolish enough to let me in and here I am now.

Jokes aside: I've been playing for quite some time on 2 different servers. Did a bit of civilian RP and ended up playing a "by the book" cop.

When things started going down south on the last server I played on I just kissed GTA RP goodbye and never thought I'd be coming back. But here I am now.

When it comes to the unimportant IRL things: EU citizen, legal to drink and drive all over the world. Guess that's the important things. :D

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