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Have you found yourself in a juridical quandary?

Give em the Byrd.

Are you tired of the more lawfully ambiguous aspects of your chosen career path getting in the way of your financial planning goals?

Give em the Byrd.

Maybe you need someone to help arbitrate your neighborhood disputes or disagreements with other like-minded entrepreneurs?

That's right. Give em the Byrd!

Record label screwing you over? Need representation for that big contract negotiation?

Call your friend Walter and give em the Byrd!

Injured in a car accident?

Come on. Say it with me now: GIVE EM THE BYRD!

Whatever your legal needs, Byrd Law can help you.


Oh? Hello- didn't see you there! I'm Walter Byrd, Esquire. I've recently moved to the area and I'm looking to earn the trust and business of the community. Too often, I find, the laws that govern this city are used as a weapon against its citizens, taking advantage of the poor and ethically diverse. That's why I'm here: to help you fight back when you need someone on *your* side who knows a thing or two about legal entanglements.

Do you need to know how to make that pesky real estate dispute go away in a manner that will minimize its likelihood of coming back to haunt you? Or maybe you're navigating a complex urban profession, and you want to take proactive measures to ensure that you (and your investments) are as secure as possible before you make that big business play..? Looking to expand or build upon the name you've built for yourself? Sounds like you need an attorney who isn't afraid to get down in the trenches with you... someone who will really get his hands dirty for his clients and make sure that all parties involved come out squeaky freakin clean! Sounds like you need: Walter Byrd.

As the new guy in town, I'm looking to build my business and make exciting new contacts in the field. That's why, when you mention this ad, you'll receive 20% off my normal fee! And remember, the first consultation is always free! So let's get down to business, or heck! Let's just grab a drink and have a wild night on the town, because when things get a little *too* crazy, somebody is gonna have to talk to the cops! So instead of giving them what they need to put you behind bars... reach into your back pocket, pull out my card and

Give em the Byrd!


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