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Brotherhood of Shadows

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Brotherhood of Shadows as it's often referred to is an organized crime syndicate based in Los Santos. It is an association of criminal groups that share a common organizational structure and code of conduct. With the aid of the Brotherhood they wish to introduce and bring light to new comers and leaders to join the criminal empire. The syndicate is formed in a constitutional hierarchy inspired by the Cosa Nostran policies from the Sicilian Mafia. After two brothers named Tony and Al decided to emigrate to the United States seeking better opportunities in order to expand their already existing criminal empire. Shortly after arriving, they met up with two other like-minded individuals and formed an alliance which would later on become the syndicate. Brotherhood of Shadows soon attracted members from all over Los Santos and the country due to their lenient policies. They will never attempt to rob, mug or in any other way violate innocent people because their main focus hitting the big scores and attracting new leaders to join the syndicate. Other areas of business include drug trafficking, weapon smuggling and racketeering. Members of the Brotherhood of Shadows are encouraged to help and even protect others from gang raids in hopes of acquiring more members and ultimately, claim Los Santos for themselves.






Currently, the organization has two branches each dealing with a different process. The first and most important branch for the syndicate is the "Shadow Council" branch which consists of members who wish to dedicate their time to the syndicate and make sure everything runs smoothly between other leaders in the syndicate. The second branch "The Shadow Guard" are tasked to protecting and dedicating their time to protecting Syndicate wide members and possessions and are not affiliated with any "Mini-Gang" within the syndicate.


The Brotherhood of Shadows allows entry of "Mini-Gangs". Leaders of the "Mini-Gangs" are given the Master rank you are able to lead your own gang within the Syndicate as long as the common rules are followed. You will be able to rank your own members do your own activities as long as you follow The Syndicate's relations.





‣ Obtain a known name

‣ Continue successful drug trafficking to Los Santos

‣ Sell heavy weaponry to allied factions

‣ Continue mass-chop shop extortion racket

 Create business opportunity with fellow like-minded syndicates

 Obtain multiple "mini-gangs" within the syndicate









‣ Respect our members and family

‣ Life-dedication & Loyalty to the Syndicate

‣ Respect to people not in an Organization

‣ Respect to our business partners

‣ Professionalism & Honorable to all, even enemies




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