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Inability to register - requires senior help

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Issue Being Reported: I am unable to register because it says I have two accounts already. I've never played here before or any other gta v roleplay/rage client servers before. I was shown this community by a friend whos a staff member and also some other friends who have joined here recently.

Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): n/a 

Your characters name: N/A unable to create an account

Other player(s) involved: Myself and my crushed soul as I am waiting to just get in and join the fun

Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: When trying to create an account it said my password is not long enough twice before giving me the message I have two accounts. Im wondering if its entered as a false positive where it thinks I've got two accounts where in fact I don't? I don't share my isp with anyone who plays gta v in my household, just me. I would appreciate this getting resolved asap as it stops me from being able to join the community. Thanks in advance.


Edit: I've spoke to some staff whom have said I should speak to the founder as he is the only one who can help. I have messaged him on discord but if anyone else is able to resolve this, i would be very appreciative. I have tried a vpn with no luck. I have also downloaded it via social club purchase and steam. Both to no avail. 

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