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The Road Slayers

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We are driving all types of cars, from sports to sedans, you can find us in any type of car. One very critical sign that someone is part of our crew is that he has a sticker "TRS" on his car. If you want to join us, you will have to befriend someone who is part of our crew already, and he can introduce you to The Founder and he will decide if you're eligible to join The Road Slayers. We don't care about your race, age, et cetera. If you can follow our rules, you can be part of The Road Slayers.


Everything started on a sunny day in Palomino Creek, there were two friends who were neighbours at the same time, both were mechanics and loved racing and cars. But there was one major difference between them. One was working in Import Garage, and one was working for Hook Garage. Both of them were managers of these car garages. They used to race together, and sometimes even with other mechanics from their car garage. The guy from Import was named Jason, and the guy from Hook was named Brian. At first, all of them were mixing a lot, Jason raced with mechanics from Hook, and Brian raced with mechanics from Import. Everything changed when Brian had a lot of people racing with him already and decided to take it a one step further - he created his own racing crew. One small detail... Jason wasn't part of it, but a lot of his mechanics were. And this is where it all started. Jason founded The Road Slayers and started recruiting new members. At first, they were just two or three... But then one unexpected thing happened... Brian was involved with the Italian Mafia, and he got killed in his own house together with his wife. That's when The Road Slayers got a "member boost" since all the members from Brian's racing crew went to TRS because he died, and Jason and Brian were known as good friends. One thing no one knew for a long time, was that except the death of Brian and his wife, his son survived. But Jason knew, and he took him as his own son. He taught him how to race and when he was older and Jason was dying after a crash in a race, he decided that Brian's son deserves the position of The Founder since his father was the real reason why TRS was founded. Since then, Brian's son is the only official Founder of The Road Slayers and at the same time, he is still following the rules that Jason taught him and tries not to be like his own father in a way.


0. Everyone has to listen to The Founder all the time.

1. Provoking cops or other racer crews is not allowed.

2. Disrespecting any member of The Road Slayers is not allowed.

3. Ramming in races is not allowed.

4. No one can be recruited without the permission of The Founder.

5. Snitching on other racers from The Road Slayers is strictly forbidden.

6. You must have a "TRS" sticker on your car.



1. Pro

2. Bag

3. Wrighty

4. Jet

5. TR

6. Crimson

7. Strix





• Fill up the blacklist.

• Become more known in the city of Lost Santos.

• Organize the biggest illegal race that ever was in the city of Los Santos.

• Get our own garage where we can modify, paint and fix our cars.


Only organized RP scenes and fancy screenshots will be added into the "Media" section. Regular RP will be posted by the members into the topic.

Picking up parts

Today we went on a journey to get some imported car parts, but first, we had to refill our cars.


We are heading towards our destination.




After we've arrived, we had to cut off the alarm.


After the alarm was off, we've used an old rusty crowbar which was located in our van to help us open the garage door.


Then, we pulled the garage door up together.


We took the car parts and loaded the car with them.



Some of the boxes were heavier, so we had to lift them together.


We found exactly the parts that we needed, so we were happy about it.


After we've loaded all the boxes, we took the van back to it's place.



After a few hours, we went for a race to celebrate the successful morning.


Chillin' with the cops

I was just relaxing today, and suddenly two cops joined me that most likely have no idea what TRS stands for.


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On 4/3/2019 at 8:40 PM, Chris Bluestone said:

Would be nice to see more of you around the town ! 

We don't want to have too high member count, we are trying to keep this faction exclusive. All the members are specifically picked by me.

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9 hours ago, punched said:

Is this still active? @ThePro

TL;DR: Yeah, I am just too busy in real life and can't post too much atm.

Edit: Also the fact that there is a lack of interest in this kind of roleplay doesn't help me too much. I made a few car meet events, shared it on the forum also in-game and no one showed up. And there's no one who would be able to represent TRS while I'm away. If I should be honest, right now TRS is just about me, since no one else is showing up to do something. I asked the members multiple times to come on the server and RP with me, and when I did this everyone just ignored it. (This was after about two months that TRS was created on this server.) Before everyone was active and coming online when I asked them to RP. A month ago or so, two people left just because "there was no RP", but when I asked them when can they come online to RP something not a single one of them replied. The reason why people probably are not interested in this kind of roleplay is that they get nothing out of it. There is almost no way you can earn money from our faction unless you can find someone who isn't scared to race you. Of course, we RP stealing some car parts, fixing cars, tuning them modding them and such. But that's only on our own cars so we don't get any money out of it. This faction is for car enthusiasts, basically regular car guys. That's something this server doesn't really have from what I've seen. (Yes there are a few, but that's almost nothing.) Another thing. If someone comes into my faction, and tell me that there is no RP. All I can tell him is that it's his fault. Because there are so many things he could solo RP as a car enthusiast, it's not just about street racing. That's where people get it wrong. We are a car group, yes also an illegal street racer group but that's like 10% of the time. While we are not racing, we are fixing our cars, modding the engine, the outside of the car and such. I don't ask people to learn every part of the engine and every small screw. I never do that. But I still made a few guides for them, so it's easier to understand the whole concept if they don't know too much about cars but still want to RP in this field. So yeah. Faction is active but I'm having an exam season so I have to focus on this right now, and then I'll get back to wasting my time here. (Sorry for the long text, I just wanted to explain the situation so everyone will understand why are things like they are, I've spent days/weeks trying to ICly recruit, someone. Impossible. Everyone is in a gang, and that's where my effort ends.)

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