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Server-side gun sounds

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Hello this is to pick up where we left off about gun sounds, It was determined using gun sounds would be a unfair advantage because not everyone would be hearing the same thing.

This post is to bring up the idea of possibly adding them server side

i think yes

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They're allowed now.



Changed under 16. Hacking and Exploits (Modifying Game Files to Gain Unfair Advantages):


Removed "replacing gun sound mods with more distinct sounds that could grant circumstantial advantages e.g. reaction time, being able to hear clearer over certain weather conditions, etc."

This change was a topic of discussion for a good bit, and after the weapon update, it was brought up again in the form of a community suggestion and general conversation within the Senior Staff team where the discussion's result was that we'd be reallowing the use of these mods as they do not provide a direct benefit to players utilizing them and primarily serve as a modification to improve immersion.

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