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Secure parking on Job-sites

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I believe that freelancer sites and areas should have an area where people can park their cars SECURELY under lock and key while going onto the job and should sway people from attempting to steal the vehicles due to CCTV monitoring and Gate security.


Lately it has been getting ridiculous to go to freelance jobs as a lot of them require vehicles to get to and from. But the issue is new/old criminals camping the area of places like city worker and trucking yard in order to lock pick Hotwire and steal vehicles to take them to scrap yard to make their own cut, putting some people in the hole on finances due to needing to pay for vehicle recovery at Mors. It’s even gone as far as City workers using their vehicles to block the entrance way where vehicles are stored to prevent theft. People should be able to secure their personal vehicles on job sites so that they can do the jobs they signed up for without worry of their car being chopped due to criminals camping the areas. I’m also suggesting more CCTV is put into parking so that it discourages criminals from trying to get easy pickings on vehicles with no penalty.

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