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Legal Fronts for Criminal Factions [Potential faction tier reward idea]

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Following a recent meeting with our handlers, we believe a system that allows a shadow corp and/or npc to be created to allow a criminal faction to be able to run a business should be introduced.

Currently the only options are maintaining a legal character in the ranks of your faction or someone having a legal alt that is involved based on rp means that acts as a front for the business.

Maintaining a legal member is an OK solution, however from our talks we all thought it would make sense for a faction to be able to setup a front so that whoever your legal person is not segregated from faction activities constantly and also your RP opportunities from running a business are not dependant on one person who could just up and leave at any given moment or be found guilty of a crime bringing the house of cards toppling down.

Our thoughts are a legal NPC could be provided as a front for the business as a faction tier reward, giving factions some incentive to push for a higher tier and giving factions more options to run businesses to feedback into the server. 

Obviously a way for this to be torn down should be included if the business violated the t&cs of running a legal business

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