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Change of Official Wars

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Make official wars more accessible 

I’ve been playing for quite a while now and if I am not mistaken, I’ve only seen 1 official war. As it stands, most beef between factions is never-ending as neither side wants to give up nor is forced to give up.

By official wars being a more frequent event, beef can be settled by the outcome of the war by either a gang being forced to pay x amount of tax or disband, or simply a force disband.

I believe current official wars require a lot of administrative supervision to keep the war within rules and determine people warkilled when applicable. This should be revised into a way that if a player from faction x dies by the hands of faction y, is unable to play that character until the war has ended and an outcome for the losing faction has been determined.


Currently all kills are being logged anyways, and therefore it might be possible to log that someone in f4 faction x got killed by f4 faction y and a warning will be send once a player decides to play that ‘warkilled’ character anyway.


A possible way to envision this would be to automatically let factions go into an official war if their ‘beef’ exceeds a 3 months period. Then people of both factions are eligible to be warkilled until the war has ended. A war can end in either an entire faction wiped out (force disband), important members wiped out (force disband or tax, depending on severity) or solved by a peace offering (tax or peace). Other than the changed rules, older war rules can still serve their purpose.


In my eyes, this leads to less unnecessary beef and let people be more cautious about who they start beefing and for the period of time they are doing it. If you don’t agree, please respond with constructive feedback to improve.

Note: This is only for official gangs to avoid clap gangs forming to trigger a war that destroys a long lasting official faction.

Next to that, it is only when both factions actively fight each other or drop on each other turfs. Currently, cartel interferes when you randomly drop on other faction turfs so this should counter forcing a war through dropping on turfs. This is to avoid one official faction attempting to force a war onto another official faction by hunting or dropping for no reason or than that.

(I wrote it in a very short timespan so is still subject to change.)

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Hello Dima, I agree with your opinion. This was discussed in the community meeting as well but I’m glad you made a written suggestion as well. Judging that there are factions that are having daily wars that have been going on for at least 8-9 months (some maybe throughout the entire year) it would be a massive change for the good if we got the changes you suggested to be implemented.

This creates a lot of new scenarios as of right now I feel like Gangs using the same reason to have a war it’s not realistic, gangs should have a SOLID reason to start a war. In real life you wouldn’t have a beef over one situation for years, maybe you would but that would all conclude once one of the parties suffers death as their penalty.

I do strongly believe that this would definitely lead to less unnecessary beef and let people think twice before starting a war and not for a war to last for 5-6 months just because someone stole a .50

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+1 but maybe when you die u are able to play your crim character who was ,,warkilled" but when you play it you cannot do anything related to your gang since u died and when the war is over u can continue being active with your gang.

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Per the feedback from FM in the community meeting, this sounds like its already a work in progress. The changes and release of FM 2.0 will have to occur and then I am sure this is something that could potentially come along with that. Just have to allow time for the staff team to finish their "rework". 

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