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Im thinking of buying gta v to play these online modes i played on console but have never seen anything like this can someone explain these "servers" etc I played on console and it was just quite casual gta online also how many people play this eclipse rp and can you become police get arrest etc by other players?

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Hello there!

This server is a roleplay server. This means that we have about 200 players daily log in and simulate real life in GTA 5. People are able to be a cop, mechanic, criminal, taxi driver,... and have their own character they can develop. You can buy houses and cars with the money you earn and talk to other people online and befriend them.

We have a few video's up on youtube about the server which should hopefully give you a better view on how we run things! We have the odd streamers too, such as Halo. You can check out his VODs to get an idea of how roleplay works.

If you wish to apply for our server, simply download RAGE MP and connect to our IP. We have a lot of guides on the forums on getting started!

Best of luck and see you soon, hopefully.

- Boxxy

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