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Finding houses sucks.

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New in the city, I couldn't find anything like this with the forum search... So, here goes. I'm new in the city(loving my time here so far), and I've discovered that there's no good way to find houses other than trying to go door to door in communities to find houses for sale(and some of them aren't simple to find), let alone know details on it(simple details; stand alone, unit in complex, # car garage, etc). It'd be nice if there was some sort of MLS style system that is managed by the government that folks wanting to get real estate could get access to.

  • The service could have a semi-high regular access fee to make it risk vs reward for running the business
    • adjustments could be made to the cost of licensure/transaction fees to prevent a flood of the market(acts as a check on inflation in home prices)
    • lower potential performance impacts by limiting search access
  • If you funneled the majority of the access of sales of property through real estate people w/ a pure commission(list price by owner, adds property to list w/ features, is viewable, etc) it'd build a larger market for more RP opportunities.
  • It'd empower ancillary markets; e.g. finance would grow because of the increase transaction volume.
  • Possible adds for IRS/Repossession/PackOut/CleanOut active RP gameplay.
  • It'd integrate with the payments for taxes, and give an additional money sync by giving a cost on each sales transaction.
  • Reputation gameplay for Civ business RP opportunity: An individual would only be able to sell 1g's at first and then would be able to increase to have access to listings of higher rates, as they sell more houses, they can sell bigger houses for more profit, gains access to cheaper marketing, gains access to tax accountants to reduce costs

I think this is a unique solution that offers a bunch of knock on ideas that would help the overall economic health of the server. By creating a portal that enables more economic gameplay and would increase the overall transaction volume, we'd be developing a more robust back bone of the economy. I don't know business here well enough to say how you could offer unique interactions with commercial properties and businesses all the same, but I'm sure there are ways. 🙂 

Thanks for reading.

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Forum IC advertisement area

lifeinvader selling area

weazel news adverts

Weazel news blips

Just to name a few ways houses for sale are currently advertised. The real issue is that there’s just not many for sale, I was hunting one for like a week solid and faced similar issues. Some businesses have their own property listings which is pretty neat.

I highly recommend talking to someone in the government in-character about this kind of suggestion as there’s a property and housing bureau that could help realise something like what you’re suggesting 🙂

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I think a lot of the pain points that real estate folks have right now after discussion is, there are some systems that are lacking a few smaller details that would promote market expansion. Giving folks the ability to sell and refer it out to a real estate agent for sales is a brilliant way to manage it. It means that the number of transactions would go up because folks could move in and out of houses. The only thing that's missing after  that is the stock and inventory. I honestly am going to approach the government and have some talks about having government taxes on houses after the second one, but leaving commercial properties alone. This would impact not just sales, but rental by owner too. It would fill the gaps between the hotel living that the server used to have, to the camper vans that we have now. 

With what feels like a little bit of effort, based on what already exists, we could have a couple serious systems added that develops the community economy to induce more transactions and also serve as a means to reduce inflation in housing costs. Why did I pay 600 for a 100k 2g? Is that really what the market will bear? Or is there such an inefficiency that the market is forced to adapt to a rigid structure that limits our ability to operate in the game driving up prices in a less dynamic and ineffcient economic model that drives inflation up. 

I did think about trying to build my own zillow, but the problem is the getting the map to work w/ the address at ea location. That'd be easier done in game w/ a ui rather than externally through some player driven model. B/c then I'm just adding another middle man, another cost to drive up inflation in the market. That doesn't make it suck less, it makes it suck more. 

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