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Private Towing Freelance jobs

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Private towing companies as freelance job.

Similar to trucking, a person can make a request for a private towing company. The job will come up similar to the trucking dispatches. Players can choose to increase the bonus if they want their car to be towed first. The tow should be standard $1000 + (distance meter calculator similar to that of taxis). Government should subsidize these deliveries so the tow employee makes a fair amount in commission, and should get bonuses from completing 5 tows, similar to that of trucking (I think this bonus is quite low and should be increased by the way, to $2000 and not the meager $200 that its at right now). This should also allow for custom tow trucks to be used. The more you pay, the less effort you have to put in to rig the car to your truck (like in real life)

In addition, police can request the private towing company to assist in towing a vehicle to the impound lot. (to be escorted by police) 

How it works:

"A player has tried the mechanics call out request and has not received a response"

The player has two options.

1. Wait it out and hope that the mechanics will respond eventually.

2. Cancel the request and call in a private towing company to assist.


/towrequest (bonus amount) (message)

Towing job:

A dispatch for towing has been sent out. Callout fee - $1000. (order number)

To accept, type /towaccept (ordernumber)

The driver of the broken vehicle rides along with the towing employee to the destination that is required. A taxi meter system can also be implemented as it would in real life.

An additional server-side towing request could be scripted in every 5 minutes with a max of 5 server-side dispatches where the tower heads to a destination and loads the cargo, similar to trucking, to help with job creation for new tow employees who do not have experience. Once they have a certain amount of tows under their belt, they can apply for a towing permit that allows them to tow player vehicles. The permit can be issued by LSC or Bayview. This will guide players on how to properly RP a towing situation and will avoid new players from nonrp situations.

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The strict entry requirements. Its a different job to mechanics. It will provide another option for people who need two vehicles to go somewhere without bothering mechanics. Its a legitimate service that's available IRL, and mostly privatized. I get that it is easier to just dump a whole bunch of responsibilities on one faction because they can handle it, but think about the avenues that will open up if you have a readily available towing service. There have been many times I need to get two vehicles to one destination.

Towing should not be an LSC or Bayview responsibility. They should repair at the shop or do call outs with necessary tools in their vans. Towing puts strain on Bayview and LSC and should only be used in dire situations when the car is really not fixable, road-side or RPly. When a car is so severely damaged, the customer has to always get it towed to the shop so it can realistically be repaired with the proper tools. There should be a script that kicks in for cars that are totaled. It should be implemented into the call out which notifies the mechanic that the vehicle needs towing. 

Besides, how many times have you needed to get a mechanic in the city and you sit there for 30 minutes because no one is available to come to you, though there are 6 mechanics online, 1 at LSC and 5 at Bayview. If there was a script to indicate the company each online mechanic is working at, then you would at least have that information and have a choice to leave the car and come back another time. With a private towing option, you could get your car towed to Bayview. This will obviously come at quite a big cost, but that is the sacrifice you need to make in order to get the service you require, instead of waiting for the sun to go down. 

Mechanic towing should be free and more lucrative in terms of cost saving. This incentivizes people to try a mechanic first, before calling a private towing company. That way, the towing wont be redundant for mechanics. 


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You have to select the vehicle first, and then request a mechanic so the script knows which vehicle it is targeting and can gain any metadata in the system, in order for the script to function.

Plus this opens up a possibility for people driving their friend's vehicle who have a set of keys. They can select the vehicle, and if they have a permanent key, they can call out a towing company to tow it to the mechanic. They can leave the car there or chose to meet with the owner/friend to get it repaired.

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Most of the time, mechanics get called out for road-side repair anyways and I find it pretty silly that they can repair a totaled car, with two hands and a wrench on the side of the road. A totaled car should only be repairable at a mechanic workshop, Bayview being for the criminal world, and LSC for general public.

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