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Prison Break Perms and How they work

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Okay, so as of right now Prison Break perms require you to get permission before you get put into the situation. While I understand why this rule is in place. I want to suggest the changing of this rule. The change is very simple.

Remove this rule and allow prison break perms to be given once the situation starts. 

I would love for a staff member to respond to this and explain why this couldn't be changed if it can't but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be able. I feel like this rule should be changed for the major reason of, you can't plan a situation to give you a chance for Prison Break, they just happen. It's extremely hard to plan it and it's a moment of opportunity type thing if you get a knife or something inside. 

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If it was given when the situation started then we’d have people starting situations so often for prison break and it’s not something we can do so frequently for a variety of reasons (doc/LEO availability, admin availability to oversee etc).

One of the main differences between say a normal hostage scenario and a prison break attempt is that approval for prison break is a reason for taking a hostage or kidnap as it is, but otherwise you can’t really just take anyone hostage within the rules otherwise we’d see it for little to no reason. Sometimes we’ve approved prison breaks when the stars have aligned for a opportunistic break for example an LEO has let a gun in the cellblock but even then that depends on availability to facilitate as they’re pretty large scenarios. 

But what I’m saying is that regardless of when it starts there’s a bunch of requirements that need to be met for a prison break to work or be allowed and if we allowed people to just do it anytime they please then it’d be chaos.

A common example is when a knife or something is left on an inmate they can request the permissions and then do it as opposed to taking someone hostage immediately.

In the times Where someone has started a scenario then requested it, if it couldn’t be facilitated it just ends up in a super awkward scenario if a hostage where an inmate is requesting something stupid like food or money because we couldn’t do a prison break

But I think the main reason it is how it is currently is because it’s so case by case and not every PB is the same so it’s easier to overlook when it’s requested first 

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