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No one is moderating "Player Ran Business" Section

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How is it that everyone in the "Player Run Businesses" section is blatantly advertising their stuff and no admin is saying a thing? I am not talking about showcasing activities, meetings, past events and the general RP that is conducted by the people that run the business. At the beginning of the section it literally says you should not be sharing IC info like contact info and yet only Assured Services is the one that aint doing it from what I could see.


They are advertising upcoming events by writing date, place and time. They put their phone numbers in there and go like "call us at 12345". They even tell you how to get in contact with them or join them. That's like putting your phone number on an OOC faction thread and say "call 12345 to join the gang". At that point you might aswel write your discord tag and drop the link for the metagaming discord. There's an IC section on forums for a reason: advertising. That's the place where stuff should be advertised.

If server staff thinks it's ok then I'll get right to it 🤷‍♂️

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It's a good point you make. For the most part these posters fit into the natural flow of the story people are telling about their business (As this was meant to be like faction threads but for businesses to showcase their rp). But you have a point it does effectively get into metagaming territory.

I'll raise this up for discussion to see where we stand on allowing these things or if we'll ask them to censor the IC details. It just seems to be not moderated much either.

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After a quick discussion, we'll be aiming to split these kind of posts and move them to the ic advertising area and contacting the thread owner to guide them to do so going forward. 
I have edited out IC text where I can from people who have done updates within the last month or two and are still relevant and will be policing it going forward. And also guided existing active thread owners on how to advertise properly going forward. 🙂 

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