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Griffin Maxwell

[SELLING] 2G | 30 Route 68 | Renovated/Refurnished | 2.5M | Cell: 2186608

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House for Sale on 30 Route 68

This is a huge house with new and upgraded furnishings inside, TONS of room for storage, and HUGE lot to build on outside with a fenced in parking area. This house is located right off of the highway within walking distance of a gas station AND the prison. It's a great spot for just about anything. Want to hide in plain sight? Come check out 30 route 68. Want to chill on your lawn and watch the cars or the tumbleweed roll by? Come check out 30 route 68. For the reasonable price of 2.5M this bad boy can be yours! 

Edit: I’m willing to take reasonable offers from reasonable people. The house sold for just under 2M about a month ago.


P.S. I've got some business out of town this week. If you want to see in the interior shoot me a text and I'll get with you as soon as I can.

House 1.png

House 2.png

House 5.png

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