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Aron Simon

[BUYING] Cheap 2G Apartment

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1 minute ago, darkghost said:

contact 2265741 he sells for 450k try to call him a few times he is in city ussually but you need to call him  a few times texts doesnt work with him


I can see multiple apartments for 450 being sold in the complexes. I think they are not worth quite that much.

Anyone selling for 450, I will offer 400 if you put it on the door. Location is not relevant - just want an apartment for more car storage space.

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18 minutes ago, Cyrus Raven said:

I have one available for 500k at weazel plaza, the price is above what you're looking for, but if you're interested let me know 535-6160.

There's 3/4 apts at 450K that I find are above what they're really worth. I am lookin at 400, max 425 for them really.

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