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📋 [DISCONTINUED] SASG - Public Works Bureau 📋

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Do you enjoy gardening, decorating, cleaning or working with electronics?
Are you looking for a calm job where you can work at your own pace?

The Public Works Bureau is dedicated to meticulous attention to detail when it comes to serving the public, including gardening and decorating. Whether overseeing large-scale projects or addressing the minutest of concerns, our goal is to work to rejuvenate and restore the state of San Andreas, ensuring its infrastructure remains in a well-maintained condition. In addition to construction, renovation, and site planning, we also take pride in beautifying the public spaces through gardening and decorating. From planting vibrant flowers to designing aesthetically pleasing landscapes, we strive to create an inviting and visually appealing environment for everyone to enjoy. Our commitment extends beyond functionality; we believe that the careful integration of nature and artistic elements enhances the overall well-being of the community.

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With a heavy heart, I must share the unfortunate news that we have made the difficult decision to discontinue the operations of the Public Works Bureau. Established on May 16, 2022, the bureau was initially envisioned to provide specialized equipment installation services, conduct safety inspections of worksites and buildings, and maintain the public sectors of our city.

The first director of this bureau was Martin Haswell, who implemented the foundation of the bureau. After resigning from the position it fell under the leadership of Yuki Nakamura until November 30, 2022, the role of Directorship was later assumed by Ava Raven

You may be wondering about the reasons behind this decision, and I believe in maintaining transparency. The vision for the bureau has evolved over time, and its impact on the city has not aligned with our initial expectations. As a result, we have concluded that a comprehensive review of government bureaus is necessary, focusing on areas that require our utmost attention. The Public Works Bureau is something we intend to revisit in the future, hopefully with an already clearer goal, vision, and mission statement. At this point in time we wish to repurpose the hours and effort that goes into the bureau into more immediate and pressing concerns.


SASG Newsletter #17

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