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My extensive review of Eclipse RP

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Hello all, 


After 2 weeks of playing on Eclipse RP this is my extensive review over things I came across: 


Overal Review:

I have been looking for a hardcore RP server with good features and a good community. That I have found in Eclipse RP.

Most GTA V servers I find too unrealistic in comparison to real life, next to that, most servers are too heavily police/crime based, which makes normal civilian RP (the kind of RP I'm looking for) not enjoyable. In Eclipse RP I found that RP is generally very realistic (some improvements to for example driving/ RP'ing accidents/etc are possible), criminality is present, but not overly present that it lowers the enjoyment of normal civilian RP. The server has good features and the features are well thought through and mostly worked out pretty good. The support that is provided on this server by support/moderator/administrator is amazing and has helped me well on my way on this server. 

I would definitely recommend Eclipse RP to other players who are looking for a fulfilling experience in GTA V Roleplay. As I have fully embraced Eclipse RP as a server I would like to continue to play on and have now become one of the members that would ideally like to see it grow more, I also recognize some points in which I would like to see the server improve on. 


Different systems on the server:

Mandatory Quiz when entering the server for the first time: 

When entering the server for the very first time, it makes you fill in a mandatory quiz before you can enter the server. I cannot compliment the importance of this mandatory quiz enough. The quiz is extensive and covers the most important sections of Roleplay. It ensures the player knows enough about roleplay and has at least decent roleplay skills before they can enter the server. It takes quite some time to fill in the quiz correctly and well enough, which filters players automatically by the amount of effort they're willing to put in to their roleplay (server) as well. I'd like to think that this quiz ensures that the overal roleplay skill of players on our server is higher than on servers who do not implement such a quiz. 


Chat (Weazel News especially):

The chat system on this server is pretty good, allowing for different markup (colors) in chat, which create more attention to certain messages or help quickly recognize important texts. However I couldn't help but noticed that my chat is being spammed on a regularly basis. The biggest cause of this? Weazel news.... With local RP chat, OOC chat, /me's & /do's, faction OOC chat, radio chat, server announcements and then Weazel News spamming my chat every 15 seconds, it can all get a bit much to keep track off. I would really like to see less Weazel News spam in my chat. I reached out to support asking if there was a way to turn off Weazel News, but unfortunately there isn't. Even better, would be to move the Weazel News (messages) to a phone app and out of chat, which brings me to my next point: 


Phone system:

The phone system is decent, but minimal. I feel like we could be utilizing the phone system much more as we do now, as it has the potential to become a very powerful tool within the server. Currently it's lacking multiple important/usefull (QOL) features. Such as: 

  • When receiving a text from a phonenumber not saved in your phone, you cannot save the phonenumber to contacts from the messages app. Instead you have to memorize the phonenumer, then go to your contacts app and create a new contact with the phonenumber. 
  • The messages system shows the date on which a message was received on the messages overview screen, but going in a specific message conversation, it does not show the date on which a message was received anymore. Ideally I would like it to show the date and time for every message I've received.
  • A lot of apps are missing from the phone, I'll rank them here in order of importance. For example:
    • Settings App: Quite often I miss receiving text messages, because apparantly the ringtone for a text message is a small "blip" sound which I never seem to hear. It would be great if we had a phone settings app on the phone, where we can change the ringtone for phone calls as well as text messages. The settings app could also allow for enabling/disabling notifications for incoming calls and text messages. This could use the same notification as is being used for the Lotto powerball notification, just above your minimap. 
    • Mechanic's app/phonenumber: To call a mechanic, a player currently has to type the command /mechanic in chat. I don't see why this shouldn't or isn't moved to the phone. A seperate app for Mechanic (like there is already for calling a Taxi) could be a possibility, but maybe seems a bit excessive. Just adding the mechanics "phone number" to every player's contacts list in their phone should seem sufficient. It feels unrealistic having to call a mechanic through chat with a command, when we have such a potentially powerful phone system at our hand. 
    • Weazel News app: As mentioned above in the Chat section, Weazel News causes a lot of spam. Not every player is interested in that. In real life, I'm also not hit with the latest news every 15 seconds in my head. When I want to check the news, I either hear it on the radio, see it on TV or check the news on my phone or computer. Therefore I would like it much more if the Weazel News was an app on your phone, where you could see the latest news, but also contact Weazel News with questions, order Blips on the GPS, etc. Currently when you want to "call" Weazel News, you have to type /newsagency in the chat. Just like the mechanic, move it to the phone in the same way that there's already a Taxi app. The Taxi app uses the exact same call-based system, so I don't see why there isn't an app for Weazel News and Mechanics as well. 
    • An internet browser: Often In Character, people refer to checking out a certain website. It would be amazing if I don't have to alt-tab out of the game, but potentially could visit that website through the usage of my phone. This may be real & all websites, or just (fake) websites related to the Eclipse Server only, such as how it's done in the original GTA V game. 


Help system:

With the existing help system (/report 1), which is well announced when entering the server and throughout your stay, the support you get (as a new player especially) is amazing. Any questions you have can be asked and they will most often be answered immediately. On some occasions it can take longer for your question to be answered, but I don't think this can (nor should) be helped without adding a huge amount of support staff. Generally speaking your questions are answered instantly, so this shouldn't be needed. 

Support staff is generally very friendly and assistive towards your question and that makes starting out on this server a whole lot easier. There was an occasional support agent, which were less supportive or helpful, but 95% of the support you get is done in an amazing fashion. I would love to see that there would be a way implemented to which we could rate the support we've earned from a certain agent (much like /goodrp & /badrp). This should make a clear report on who's due for a promotion or who needs a little bit more training in customer service. 


Car radio system: 

It's pretty awesome that you can play your own music in your car. This allows for a lot of variation in the music you get to hear throughout the server from different players and may even let you get to know some new cool music. The downside to this, is that I can only queue up music that doesn't exceed 10 minutes. It gets a bit of a hassle to queue a new song every 10 minutes or so, so I end up mostly not using the system. I would much prefer if I could use the already ingame existing radio and that was synchronized with other players. Another option would be to remove the 10 minute limit and allow for streams to be played. That way I can queue up a stream from my favourite online radio and I won't have to queue a new song every 10 minutes. 


Server developments:

I may be too new to really have gathered enough information about this, so take this section with a grain of salt, as it might not be entirely correct. 


Server/Feature Updates:

The server updates, seemed from what I could tell from the Game changelog post, fairy consistent, except there seems to have been a drop in updates over the last month, where it's gone completely quiet. 

I had one player mention to me that this server has been around for quite some years now and back in the day, it used to have about 800 players online during peak moments. I'm not sure if this is true or not and still find it quite amazing that the server is pulling 250-300 players during peak moments, but in case this is true, I have to wonder why all those players left or why we're not still on those numbers. 

One thing I am sure of, it that seeing as the server has been around since at least 10 May 2020, according to the Game changelog post, the amount of features, while amazing, seems a bit lacking. I would expect a server that has been around for some time and in active development, to have more established features. Some common things I'm missing on this server: 

  • LSFD (Los Santos Fire Department) & along going house fires. Much like the road worker system incidents, a random house would catch fire and the LSFD would respond to them. Next to that the LSFD could have more jobs to respond to as well. 


Bug reports & suggestions section:

I can't help but notice that the bug reports section as of currently has 12 pages of bug reports or according to statistics, 800 un-archived posts. The Bug Report Requirements post says that an administrator will attempt to confirm the bug, lock the post and archive the issue in the proper sections, however this seems to be hardly happening. I think that for players to be satisfied, knowing that their bug-report is being handled, it would be good to receive some regular feedback. Meaning that the post would be answered by a moderator/admin within one week and moved in the corresponding sub-section of the forum ("Confirmed bugs" & "Not a bug").


Next to that I would advice the use of a Trello Board, in which the moderator/admin can add the bug in the form of a Trello Card to a "To-Do" containter.  The server developer/programmer can then move and update these cards with accurate information accordingly as they are working on the bug and/or feature update. Players could check out this feature update to see what's currently being working on. This increases overal player satisfaction, as they are getting feedback and status updates to their bug reports and/or suggestions. This will also create more hype for new/upcoming features/updates/bug fixes to come, again increasing player satisfaction. 

Freelance jobs:

I tried several freelance jobs (not all), seeing what would pay the most or what would be the most entertaining to do. What I found is that there are a lot of cool jobs to do on this server, however people mostly practice 2-3 jobs, because they pay the most. Because the pay between jobs isn't balanced, there isn't much distribution of players across all the jobs. Therefore in my opinion, the payment for several jobs could really use an update to make players play out more diverse jobs. 


Seems to be the most paying job in my experience. With an average of $2500 (usually higher) and 20 minutes (cargo load/unload + traveltime) per job, time 3 (3x20 minutes in an hour) you can make about $7500 per hour. However, the job is pretty boring. You drive from point A to point B and wait for 5-10 minutes for cargo load/unload, without any RP interaction with anyone. 



Buy a pickaxe, go into a mine half way across the map and play minigames to mine ores. 


Tollbooth operator:


Taco-Truck vendor:

Rating: 4/10 (with a re-balance to the pay, it will definitely be a lot higher)

The Taco truck vendor seems like a very fun job, which lots of potential roleplay interactions involved, however due to the low amount of pay, makes the job extremely unworthy of performing. Which is a shame, because it's a high RP job with lots of potential that pretty much no one is doing, because it doesn't pay.

Basically the basic price for a taco is $400, on top of that you can set your own taco price as well. If you set your own taco price to $200, it will make the total price for the taco $600. When you do sell a taco, you will only receive the extra price that you set for the taco, so in this case $200. You could of course increase your own price of the taco to $500, but nobody is going to buy a taco for $1000. Food in the server is generally priced around $500-$700 per item.  Most players will say no, when you approach them to buy a taco, so it will take you some time to find someone that will buy a taco from you. Now lets say with a total taco price of $600, you manage to sell 3 taco's in an hour. That will give you a grand total of $600 salary in one hour, making the Taco Truck Vendor the least paying job in the server. 

The way the pay can become more balanced for the Taco Truck Vendor in my opinion, would be to earn the whole Taco sale price, so the base price of $400 and the bonus price that you set on top of it. Next to that, it makes sense that just as in real life, at a Taco vendor truck, you could also buy a drink to go with your taco. Allowing taco vendors to also sell drinks alongside to taco's, should increase the pay even a little more. 

Another downside is that the player who buys the taco, will have to type /buytaco. There is no notion towards the customer of how to buy a taco, so the Taco vendor has to tell them through OOC chat how to do it. They get no prior information about the set price for the taco, so you may end up buying a taco priced at $1500 without any prior notice of the price. Change the system to match that of the BurgerShot job. This way the Taco Truck vendor can create an order for example, multiple taco's + some drinks and ask the customer if they approve of the order and price. Next to that, the customer will get an information message from the system, explaining how to accept the order. Since this system already exists for BurgerShot, it should be relatively easy to copy the same system to the Taco Truck Vendor job. 


Road worker:


This is one of the most interesting jobs in terms of RP scenarios and originality. I've not seen any job like this on any server before and I think it's amazingly well done. Players generally all get together in one work-related vehicle, waiting for an incident to happen. Which they then head off to and place barriers and clear the contents of the incidents, then remove the barriers again. You will get a decent amount of pay for every barrier placed/removed or incident mitigated. There are a lot of different type of incidents and it's always interesting to see what incident comes up next. The incident scenes make sense and are well established. 

Because this job attracts roughly 70% of the new players on the server (result of decent pay + lots of RP interraction), this job sometimes get a little bit messy with low RP efforts (or sometimes non-RP or non-realistic RP), due to a lot of (new) players being present. I'm not entirely sure how higher RP efforts could be enforced in this job, except for maybe a little bit more supervision on the road workers. 


Bus driver:

Depending on what route the system gives you, this can be quite a decent pay, but much like the trucking job you just drive from point A to B with a couple of stops along the way and almost no RP interraction, because hardly ever anyone gets on the bus. Currently there are 3 different routes you can take. 2 different routes from the busstation in Los Santos and 1 route from the busstation in Paleto. In my opinion the job would be more interesting if more routes were added to the busdriver job and if it would allow you to select what route you would like to drive. 

This job should be very interesting with more customers. I think one of the reasons for not getting much customers is that most stops aren't actually at an ingame busstop, but just a random location alongside the road. It would be more helpfull if the busstops were more clearly indicated by it having an actual busstop with a bench for the customer to sit on and wait for the bus. Another reason is that the customer doesn't get any information about any busses driving the route linked to that busstop. What would be nice to have and possibly make this job have a little bit more customers, is if a player would get a pop-up on their screen while standing in the area of a busstop, with information if a busdriver is currently driving the route for the busstop they're waiting at and what the estimated arrival time for that bus will be, so that the player knows how long he/she has to wait. Here's an example from GTA SA: 




As I have only joined DCC (Downtown Cabby Company) I can only speak for one faction as of now, but in my experience with it, I wanted to get some words out on this subject. 


Downtown Cabby Company:

I am very impressed with this faction. To be honest, to get in to the faction requires some work, filling in the application form, having the interview, actually studying for your interview, etc. Which brings me to one of the biggest points, the amount of documentation for this faction. If you have not yet taken a look at the documentation for this faction, to be found in the "Downtown Cab Co. Application. Click here to apply." topic, I recommend you to do so. In short, there is a lot. Someone took out the time to write a 20 page handbook, with lots of details and very official documentation. That alone shows huge dedication to the roleplay they put in. 

The corresponding players in the company are friendly, supportive and their roleplay skills are generally pretty high. I'm enjoying my job as a Taxidriver in Eclipse RP, mostly due to the amount of work some of the people in this company put in.


Housing system:


Your first house:

As a new player, it will be quite hard to achieve your first house, with housing prices going through the roof and your first house costing an average of $400k. This in itself, is not a bad thing, as housing prices are realistic and achieving the purchase of a house will give a better feeling, since it took you some time and effort to work towards it. 

The amount of available houses I found to be a little bit lacking and I'm hopeful that more player housing will be added in the future. This is also due a lot of players owning multiple houses and players flipping houses to make quick money (which is an entirely reasonable situation). Furthermore I think that the housing availability situation could be improved, by automatically putting a house up for sale again when a player is inactive for 6+ months. Currently as it is my understanding, this is done once every few months or so in manual fashion and announced on the Eclipse RP Forums and/or Discord. A result of this is that all the house flippers will immediately purchase the newly freed houses and sell them for a lot more money. I think it will increase the overall fairness if this was done by an automated system and unannounced to everyone. Players would then have to come across or search for on sale houses. 

What I do not like about the housing system, is that it requires new players to be essentially "homeless" for the first month or so, with no place to go "home to" or store their items. This seems unrealistic in comparison to real life. I feel like this can be solved by creating an automated system, where a player can go to a certain building in the city (hotel) where they can rent an apartment for a decent prize (relatable to new players balance) until they can afford the purchase of a house. The amount of rented apartments should be unlimited (or at least high enough) to suffice for all new players. 



The interiors for houses are decent, but I cannot help but noticed that there are (if I'm correct) only 5-6 different interiors for all players housing. This in itself is quite few and makes housing interior less interesting as they are all very common. Next to that in some cases the interior does not match the exterior for the player housing. I would like to see more different interiors being added to the player housing system, that will also match with the exterior of the house. Perhaps this can be done by allowing players to send in their own custom created interior player housing and using them for several houses, if the created interior has been deemed sufficient and approved. 


Furniture system:

I am absolutely in love with the furniture system. While not having used it much yet, it seems to allow for endless possibilites in customizing the interior and exterior area of your house.  This allows for beautiful player creations and makes the housing system a little bit more special. Going around the map I've noticed multiple admin markers stating something about player placed furniture. With statements such as "Please remove this, it does not fit the surrounding area" or "Please align these walls to be at the same position so it looks more aesthetically pleasing" there seems to be a strict lookout on how player placed furniture is used, which is a good thing. 

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