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[1.0.3] [2017-03-10] ECLIPSE Roleplay

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ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 1.0.3


-Added vehicle modification saving

-Added mechanics

-Added context menu selections for mechanics

-Added global announcement command for government faction leaders

-Added a dynamic centralized vehicle spawning system for factions

(vehicle list and spawnpoints can be set and changed anytime in-game)

-Added a quiz to filter players who do not have basic roleplay knowledge

-Added motel housing to allow players to buy cheaper property

-Added masks to allows players to hide their character names

-Added additional ban checks to make circumvention more difficult

-Added medic proximity notifications for injured players

-Added fuel station ownership

-Added more items to the general store

-Added /megaphone command to police cruisers to send out long range messages

-Added a progressive income tax

(the more property and money you have, the more taxes you pay)

-Added a profit tax for businesses

(tax is only applied to profit, not the whole price)

-Added a vehicle market area where players can put their cars on sale

-Added shortcut key L for the cruise command

-Added police hats

-Increased DMV checkpoint radius to compensate for lag

-Increased stun gun effect duration from 3 to 7.5 seconds

-Increased courier salary

-Reduced fish price

-Fishing money is transfered to salary

-Fixed voice chat

-Fixed jail commands when player is in jail

-Fixed fishing spot marker height

-Fixed bug that caused dealership's to display $0 as purchase price

-Fixed bug that prevented the AFK script from working properly

-Fixed a bug that caused faction chat color to be white

-Fixed a bug that prevented dealerships from updating their default vehicle prices

-Fixed trucker to use the trucks with built in trailers, also reduced fuel rewards as trucks are now faster

-Removed the report section from the administrator UI

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