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Job Improvement & Fun Activity Suggestions

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Money Transporter

  • Multiplayer job
  • Must invite at least 2 other players to join job to commence money transport mission
  • Can be robbed by other players
  • Higher paying job due to risk of being robbed


  • Players can buy a metal detector from a 24/7
  • Random gold deposits of varying sizes appear around the map at different times
  • Players can sell their gold at any jewelry store
  • Players will have to be wary of people coming to rob them their gold

Go Karting

Map a go kart racing track. Players can host a go kart match and set the following parameters:

  • Wager
  • Password (for private matches)
  • Laps
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Thank you for your suggestion. As some time has passed, this has already been implemented, or this suggestion is no longer relevant/viable, it has been moved to our archive. We appreciate you taking the time to post a suggestion thread and encourage more posts in the future.


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