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Police department

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Hello as you know there is alot of cops in server so i think its better you split pd to    PD - FBI - National Gaurd 

by doing this server gonna have more reasons for Rp and more contents as i remember in samp rp servers National Gaurd had to handle bank robberies and communicate with pd and fbi 

by doing this would be some problems about gangs because their members be more than PD 

so its better you add limit for gang members like every gangs must have limit of recruiting like 20 members per gang and will be have fair play in server 

so gangs gonna recruit guys that knows rp well 

and for newbies its better an admin manage a public gang like grove street with out members limit so when grove street members learned rp well they can go to official big gangs . 


thanks for reading i hope it helps for fair play . 

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I like the idea for the FBI and National Guard but I dont think it would be very RP friendly to have a cap on gangs because honestly you think any IRL gangs are gonna stop at a specific number? I understand trying to be fair, but every gang leader or high up reviews each new prospect when they join, and some gangs are invite only, no applications. Every player who comes into the server makes the decision to go the legal route and non legal, and shouldn't have to be forced to go to a certain faction just because it was unfair to some.

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