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Temperature system

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Hi devs, im always in love with snow. So hereby, i would like to suggest a temperature system. I believe this will be an experience changers especially to those who RP. Since we have snow, make temperature affects our character's life.

What will afffect in the temperature system?

  • Characters will be either cold or down with hypothermia if they are TOO COLD or freezing.
  • Encourage players to have a group session at home or invite their friends to their home and sit the day or night out until the weather or temperature rise to a normal level ( Have a meaning for houses)
  • Encourage players to buy winter outfit.
  • A NEED to wear jacket or winter clothes to survive the coldness
  • Encourage players to open clothes shop/business
  • Farming will be affected in terms of Quality.
  • Enables farmer to not only be careful when farming, but to think twice before farming.

Thats all i have in mind. Sorry if you guys don't agree, but i'm just suggesting 😄

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8 minutes ago, Adrian Johnson said:


There is still a weather regulation, means it still changes from snow to for example rain weather. I wouldn't like to run around with winter clothes when it is raining.

However the idea is interesting if it would be perma snow/winter weather.

Understand about raining. But again, when its raining, you have the choice to either wearing winter jacket or just normal jacket. Since the temperature isnt that cold compared to snowy winter weather!

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