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Couldn't connect to the server

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Hello and good day!

For some reason I couldn't enter to the server, I have restarted my router and my PC yet I still get the "Connection Lost. Reconnecting". There was the time I was able to enter the server by pressing the [HOME] button to bring up social club and left it there for at least 1 - 2 minutes but after that I am just stuck at the starting point or somewhere with my screen blurred and no pop ups popping up or anything. Also thanks to that person on Discord for that tip. My internet is fine, might retry it again later. Thanks!


I am able to connect to the server now but I got this error

SO I tried connecting to the server again without pressing the [HOME] button, it's still gives me the "Connection Lost. Reconnecting..." issues and everytime it happens I get the "Downloading Package" "Download Complete" before I get the connection lost issues.

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New problem arises
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