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Vespucci Carl

Gang Suggestion[Long but worth read]

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Current issue: I feel as if gangs are extremely limited, when in real life retaliation is swift/quick must be done.

Before explaining I would like to say Eclipse has some of the strictest rules out of any server: which creates a super immersive experience. My only issue would be regarding Gang RP.

Current state 

Currently if you are in a gang: and you have anything done to you by a rival gang; the retaliation phase is extremely grey/cloudy. When retaliation should be swift and almost instantaneous.

with the rule set, it would be extremely difficult to do this considering no one can be identified. (Innocent players not involved could be DM’d or kidnapped. Which could ruin their immersion from lack of escalation.


Gangs may purchase a faction equipped (hoody or shirt) identifying them. But also flagging them for Gang RP. Any Gang Vs Gang crimes must be equipped. 

This can be put on on a split second; to create ambushes.


must wait cooldown time (30 minutes) to remove. (Allows retaliation)

What RP Avenues does this create?

- Drive bys

- Motorcade ambushes (group of flagged members traveling together while flagged)

- Swift retaliation

- Shows of force (big events while all your members are flagged when you dear no other group in the city).

- Will allow smaller gangs to be able to compete with Larger gangs). Clear identifiers can let the smaller gangs pick and choose ambushes on flagged members:

what does this stop:

- The awkward stage of two gangs wanting to fight and both of them trying to fake a present escalation when in reality each other’s gang has escalated each other previously but gang escalation doesn’t exist. (You’ve seen it it’s that awkward driving dance everyone does before a fight).

- Less people being punished for actually RPing gang members: diplomacy in gang life: but so is the ability to act when needed. 

What if I don’t want to participate?

then you would just follow rules as per usual: the flagged items just give you an allowance to act against other gangs without fear of breaking rules).  

What rule suggestion would need to be implemented with this suggestion?

1.) Once flagged any Gang vs Gang RP can always be handled IC.

2.) You may not flag or be flagged in NCZ. 

3.) Anyone caught in crossfire who isn’t flagged; Would be considered DM/NRP. 

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makes no real sense tho does it, why would you purposefully wear your gang hoodie? surely this would just increase awareness of PD/SD and result in more suppression? its easy to retaliate now as long as there is prior escalation and interaction with the removal of the 3 hour DM rule. if you cant identify the person you want to retaliate against, then why bother trying?

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