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Minor /floatingdo change

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It would be neat to be able to set expiry time In hours against an fdo. 

E.g. /fdo 2 [text]

Would put up an fdo for 2 hours that auto disappears. With 0 or no first parameter for default.

Maybe one of them countdown timers below it not unlike when you drop an item on the floor.

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+1 Agreed. Also, I am confused as to why the /fdo is in OOC brackets in game when its IC information...

I would also recommend turning up the render distance for it as well, have it appear for people slightly further away. I know this can't be increased too much as it could have too many of them appearing on screen at once, but it seems like you have to be too close to them currently. 

So far, the new /fdo's are great though. Nice addtion.

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