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Some things require you to hit space in time with a green line, which is a good idea but isn’t done well. Sometimes that minigame can lag, so you have to compensate by hitting space a little early

It can also sometimes not register that you hit in the greenzone and automatically fail. I think it would be better if the action timers were brought back, but instead if you don’t hit in the greenzone or if it decides to fail, instead of restarting entirely or losing a chance, it sets the timer back a few seconds. I think it’s more fair since ATMs and some cars require 50-55 successful hits that go by painstakingly slow, and having to restart that due to an error in how the minigame works can be frustrating

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I think the minigame is in a good state currently as far as compensating for lag and all that as long as your internet is horrendous. That aside, I think the minigame should pickup where you left off when you failed as long as there are proper negative repercussions in place when you do fail (i.e. breaking your lockpick if your lockpicking something and setting off the alarm).

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