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A few minor suggestions

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1. A permanent radio off button that won't turn off your car for carmeets/rallies.

2. can official faction members please have two phones, or make a good case as to why they need two phones if not in a faction. (one for personal business, the other for the gang)

3. A closet storage area to hold our clothes we buy so we don't have to keep them on our bodies all the time to change.

4. the ability to upgrade our house's structural integrity (i noticed when it rains at the grove houses, they leak which is both awesome and not awesome because I couldn't fix it.)

5. Guard dogs at warehouses/prisons.

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1:  +1
2:  +1
3:  +1
4:  +1
5: Not sure if that would work but interesting idea
6: +1

I hope the first issue is simply a bug already being worked on, the second one yeah, agreed I think everyone should be able to have two phones, or atleast two different numbers.

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