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Skills and XP

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I have an idea to make ECRP more realistic. I think there should be skills/skill levels. The more you do a certain thing, you should level up for the corresponding skill. Let's say I am a hunter. I kill animals, gut them, and sell the meat. After hunting so often, I should improve in my ability to gut the meat, giving higher quality meat. This higher quality meat would sell for more money. I think that for every animal I gut, I should gain XP. After a certain amount of XP, I should level up my "hunting" skill. It doesn't always have to be something attached to a job. If you are a garbage man, and you work for a garbage company for a long time, you should make more money than someone who joined a couple days ago. The more you work as a garbage man, you could get XP towards a raise. You could at a limit for levels, so people can't make an absurd amount of money because of how often they do something. You could also have skills that aren't work related, such as a strength skill, a speed skill, a gun skill, etc. A "/skills" command could be added that would display the level of each skill, and how much more XP you need to level each skill up. You could add a use for a gym in ECRP that would be used to level up physical skills. The physical skills could also decay over time, so that in order to stay at a high level, you need to manage 

Below I have listed some ideas for skills.

Strength: Increases inventory volume limit, increases your HP, and damage with your fists/blunt weapons. Could also decrease the time of physical labor such as chopping trees. (This could also affect criminal RP such as breaking into ATM's.) Earn XP for this skill by carrying heavy items, going to the gym, or fighting using your fists/blunt weapons.
Agility: Increases the speed of which you run and climb. Increases your stamina. Decreases the time it takes to open bags, crates, etc. 
Firearms: Increases the speed of you unholstering your firearm. Increases firing speed of semi-automatic firearms. Decreases the recoil. Decreases reloading time.

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