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Add Seatbelts or Fix Crash Damage

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I have found it pretty insane how easy it is to die from a crash.

I literally hit a street sign, similar to a stop sign, in a DUBSTA at full health and that is enough to kill a person in Real Life?

In real life that Dubsta would have taken down that little street sign and went pushing.

Also, when on a motorcycle, it is a real-life thing that people do Dirt Bike jumps, not insane ones, but little 2–5-foot jumps are common when it comes to bikes, especially off-roading.

When I got a little more than 3 feet of air on my bike, I landed it - Then It kicked me off my bike and straight into the Injured position.

As someone who has been playing RP for 11 years, I have never seen such bad player damage in my life. It is insane! 

This has to be changed in my opinion, Even if that is just introducing the /seatbelt - like every server except for this one.

It's just not real life to do a little dirt-bike jump and die from it. Even when they fall, MOST GET BACK UP!

Please fix this because honestly it ruins the whole playing experience and takes the fun out of the server completely. 




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eh I'm half and half on this. I drive as fast as my car can, hit things and get into wrecks and have yet to be flown out of my car, playing the server to close to three years now. Although bikes are different. I feel if your going 200+ on a drag, or really any bike its a dice roll weather you get injured upon impact or not. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is a GTA problem not so much ECRP's unless they lower damage taken, but I'm not a dev so idk

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Agreed with the comment above that its likely a GTA game mechanic problem. 

+1 for the seatbelts though. That should be a thing and if you take the extra time to use the command and actually put a seatbelt on, it should help prevent being ejected from the vehicle and taking that extra damage. 

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