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Jewish Mob אונדזער שטיק

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Jewish-American organized crime emerged within the American Jewish community during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It has been referred to variously in media and popular culture as the Jewish Mob, Jewish Mafia, Kosher Mafia, Kosher Nostra.

                     In the early 1920s, stimulated by the economic opportunities of the roaring twenties, and later prohibition, Jewish organized crime figures such as Arnold Rothstein were controlling a wide range of criminal enterprises, including bootlegging, loansharking, gambling, and bookmaking. According to crime writer Leo Katcher, Rothstein "transformed organized crime from a thuggish activity by hoodlums into a big business, run like a corporation, with himself at the top.


Arnold "Mr. Big" Rothstein (1882 - 1928) in 1927, 1 year before he was killed.

The largely Jewish-American and Italian-American gang known as Murder, Inc. and Jewish mobsters such as Meyer Lansky, Mickey Cohen, Harold "Hooky" Rothman, Dutch Schultz, and Bugsy Siegel developed close ties with and gained significant influence within the Italian-American Mafia, eventually forming a loosely organized, mostly Jewish and Italian criminal syndicate known in the press as the "National Crime Syndicate."

Siegel's family memorial plaque in the Bialystoker Synagogue.
Picture of Elijah Levine (on the right) and the Italian-American, Russian and Israel Mafia bosses.

In Hadera, Israel, in 1985, a teenager named Elijah Levine, enters a store in the night of 6th May with his friend, Yossi Maman. Armed with a .38 caliber revolver and a Colt Detective, the fully masked duo robs the store. The cashier lifts his hands up. Yossi throws a brown backpack onto the desk and aims at him. "Put all the money inside, and you'll go home alive tonight.", said Yossi with a calm voice. What the duo didn't know, the silent alarm has started when they entered. The cashier puts the money in the bag. Elijahlooks outside and notices the Israeli Police showing up with lights and sirens. He started panicking. "Yossi , THEY ARE HERE!", screams Elijah. Yossi grabs the cashier by his collar and uses him as shield. Elijah grabs the backpack and slides it on his back. The criminals walk outside having the cashier in a one hand head-lock and the gun aiming at his temple. They couldn't go anywhere. The cashier hits Yossi with his elbow and crouches. The officer, noticing that Yossi was about to kill the cashier, shoots two times, grounding him. Elijahd drops the gun near his best friend's corpse. In that night, a story began. 

In 2003, Elijah was released from the Tzalmon Prison. He was waited by Ronen, a reliable friend he met in 1983, in a bar. They remained friends. Elijah was took in Israel, where he started his organization. In the first 3 years they didn't have luck. Levine decided to move with his crew in Los Santos. They established in a Downtown and started their own drug traffic. In the end of 2004, the organization earned about 2 million United States Dollars. Elijah named his organization Levine Organized Crime, since he started an alliance with a street gang. Elijah's crew were supplying the gang with drugs, guns and protected them. Drug and weaponry traffic wasn't all their illegal activity. Elijah introduced prostitution and human trafficking in their business. The illegal immigrants were doing money laudering and loan sharking for him. Levine's budget was getting higher and higher everyday. Labelled by FBI as the biggest israeli criminal organization back then, they started investigations.. Elijah had his own bar, actually a drop bar. A drop bar is actually a place where you can drink, but it's also a place where criminals pay their taxes. The cashier gets the money from a criminal, in a bag, he puts them in the safe and in the end of the day, week, month, Elijah takes his money. One day, Elijah sent another guy to get the money, but he was half lucky, half unlucky. The Federal Bureau of Investigations, also knowed as FBI, raided the bar with M4's and SMG's. They arrested everybody and took all the money. They also found 2 kilograms of cocaine and UZI inside. Well, that didn't made Elijah stop. The lose of his money made him a little bit paranoid. He started sending his under-bosses to make his illegal activity. 
In 28th June, 2014, a black male was found dead on the ground. He was a former member of the organization. Why did he die? He snitched one of Elijah's under-bosses and got him locked up for 50 years, for killing a LEO, drug traffic and others. Elijah took his Berreta and called one of the guy's friend. They met at a bar, discussed business and drank. When they got, his friend got back inside "I forgot something.". Elijah got outside his car and shot the male 6 times, killing him in less than 10 seconds. They drove back to his house. When PD arrived, everybody acted like they don't know anything. The dead man's friend pulled his weapon and said when he got inside "If anyone says something, I'll kill you.". Well, someone snitched, but nobody saw Elijah or his car. 

Nowdays Elijah Levine and Gil Peretz running a crime group in Los Santos and they are willing to have the power top influent the illegal world of Los Santos. The organization activities are the protection business, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking and money trafficking, the illegal gambling business is also in their list. The organazation focusing on earning respect, money and to have the power to influent on the illegal world of Los Santos.
Jewish Mafia became one of the biggest israeli criminal organizations of all the time, having an amount of 20 million USD, lots of drugs, weapons, hookers, etc.

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