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Add a /language (/lang) command

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A lot of people like to RP speaking in other languages. We get a lot of questions about how to type in colors such as

~r~[LanguageHere] ~w~ Message

This would obviously still be an option but the /language command would just be something along the lines of 

Input    --> /lang Spanish Hello my name is Matt.

Output --> [Spanish] Hello my name is Matt.


Test code (I haven't touched RageMP so this might be wrong but general idea maybe?)

mp.events.addCommand("language", (player, fullText, langInput, message) => {

  howeverYouSendAMessage(`${player.name} says: ~r~[${langInput}] ~w~${message} );



Makes it easy to write in languages without having to know color  codes etc. Might be easier overall to understand and quicker than writing all of the ~r~[Lang] ~w~Text



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+1 - I've always liked when there was languages used in roleplay, or even accents.

I always had and still do roleplay Italian, I always have the [Italian Accent] before speaking.

If we could have some accents and languages, that would be great. My faction has many Italian people, so we could speak Italian to each other.

I really think this could improve and increase the potential of roleplay on the server.

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