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Sophia Falcone

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This Character Story is based on Sophia Falcone, using experiences from ECRP. Based in truth, with changes for story purposes. I hope you enjoy.


Born into the Falcone Family, Sophia was the youngest of her siblings, being the only girl in her Italian family. 

With her dark eyes and black hair, Sophia shared her physical features with her mother, despite looking like her mother she was always the lowest on her parents priority list, her families business' took priority and her older brothers were the ones invited to help their father with the simple jobs, not her.

Sophia become isolated from her family, growing up she struggled to make friends, and her family seemed to neglect her and her needs. They would not let her speak at the dinner table, nor offer to help her with school. Her brothers ignored her when they went to play, and her father always seemed disappointed in her.

Her mother was the only person who she could talk to, but even then, it wasn't about anything nice, it would be for discipline when she messed up as her father didn't want to waste time on Sophia. When they did speak Sophia would ask to join her brothers with the tasks they were being set, to help the family business, of course, the answer was always no.

Sophia felt powerless, not being able to control anything going on around her, the anger and frustration grew through the years, following her closely...




The day was ending, the sun had retreated behind the gloomy clouds of the evening, dragging the temperature down with it. 

The suburban streets stood empty, not a soul. 

Suddenly wheels screech! A four door truck hurtled down the street, racing past a lonely Sophia who was scratching a smiley face onto a wall with a knife she stole. The truck's exhaust pipe spitting smoke and debris as it flew by. Sophia recognised the vehicle instantly from a few weeks before, following her brothers as they worked with their father, the truck belonged to her father’s competitors, the enemy.

Sophia, wearing her all black clothing, secured her hat to her head with a tug and a twist before darting home. 

One street. Two streets.

Three streets she ran, before turning down the road where her home was… A blaze, no sign of the vehicle...

Screams of terror from neighbours and from within the house echoed to her ears. Her breath was shallow, her energy depleted, she stared, hopeless at her home in flames. She began to walk toward the inferno which had captured the majority of her house already. The screaming had stopped.

Sophia stood still. Nothing spoken. Nothing done. A twitch in her eye as she grasped her knife in her hand.

Waiting. Waiting. Nobody left the house as the fire brigade arrived, along with the police. The usually quiet suburban neighbourhood was transformed with flashing blue lights and the amber glow from the house's structure. Burned out beams drowned in the hoses from the firefighters, the house was all but destroyed.

It wasn’t too long before a single ambulance and a coroner vehicle arrived… One. Two bodies were slowly extracted from the embers. Mother. Father. Dead. 

Sophia was left. No sign of her brothers. No parents. Sophia was alone…

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DISCLAIMER: Involves detailed violence!


Seven years had passed. Sophia was put in the foster care system after the passing of her parents as authorities were not able to find any relatives in the country. She was passed around between four families over the years due to them not being able to handle her sudden, and often violent outbursts of rage & frustration. Her lack of compassion and emotion was scary to the families she was delivered too.

During her time at what would be her final foster family, Sophia, aged sixteen broke into the streets, she found a temporary solace in a local street gang, known as OTM, or Over Time Mandem. OTM were a violent group of teens to early twenties who were known in the area for their crimes against vulnerable people like old people, pregnant women, and even young children. They would overwhelm their victim, often kicking, punching and trampling them before taking their belongings. Sophia was never the first to take anything, she used to continue the onslaught of attacks when the rest of the group ceased, it was clear getting pleasure from the act of controlling the victim.



The sirens roared down the road. Weaving in and out of cars, bursting through intersections before arriving on scene. The fourth police car had arrived. The alley way was pulsing blue, illuminating the victim, a seventy or so year old man, blood oozing from his mouth and nose. The officers sought to give treatment, however as they rolled the man over, it was clear there was no life left in his body. They noticed something odd, a huge laceration from the top of the thigh to the knee, the freshly opened wound oozing still after death. But something else. Something foreign remained in the wound. 

A blood-soaked piece of paper with some writing was revealed… 

“This is it. He tried to fight back. I wonder if you’ll be able to save him…” 

The message was signed “Sophia”, with a smiley face, a smiley with both of the eyes sliced like an ‘X’. 

Sophia was caught shortly after in relation to the crime. However a minimum sentence of corrective community service was given for her to complete as it could not be proven for intent to kill, or an accident. After the arrest, Sophia’s foster parents changed the locks on the house and refused to let her back in. She spent the rest of the year in and out of hostels, trying to keep herself together, but she was struggling, her volatile nature and inability to control her urges to hurt and injure caused further issues with her foster family.

Alone again. Abandoned again. Sophia's mental state, after all these years, was collapsing... 



Darkness seemed somehow darker tonight, the lights were dimmer than normal as Sophia approached the house, a 10 inch knife in hand… She secured her hat to her head with a tug and a twist, before clipping her bandana across her face. As she arrived at the path leading to the front door, the spotlight from the automatic sensor beamed down onto her. Still. Sophia examined the windows… The doors… Clear. She approached the main door until she noticed the living room window was not closed fully, Sophia crept to the window, peering inside. Empty. Slowly and carefully, she opened the window enough to climb in. Taking her time, she scouted the room. Nothing unusual. The footsteps were almost silent as she climbed the stairs, peering into every room on the top floor, all abandoned, left in a mess and no effort to clean. Sophia’s own breathing was the only thing she could hear, pressing her hand gently to the master bedroom, she saw two outlines in the bed. Husband. Wife. She approached the husband’s side as taking out the bigger threat would be ideal in case they awake… She stood there, looking down at him, she raised her blade high into the air, before crashing it down through the man’s chest, his eyes darting open! He tries to raise the alarm but all that comes out is gas, no words, nothing louder than yawn. Sophia repeatedly strikes the man’s torso with a fury of blows with the knife, splattered blood soaks the sheets. She stops. Wiping the blade on the bed sheet, she walks around to the woman, she lay, still resting, not knowing her life is about to end. Sophia places the knife against the Wife’s neck. Emotionlessly, Sophia slowly drags it across, severing the artery… No resistance, just death. Sophia calmly strolled to the light switch igniting the bulb as she flicked it. The bed is red, the floor is red. The blood rained over the walls too. Sophia had destroyed these people, her last foster family, decimated. 

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As the year ticked over to 2021, Sophia was determined to find out the truth about her brothers, unsure if they survived the fire years ago which claimed their parents. No bodies were discovered, yet no sign of them, Marcus or Leon.

Not having access to the internet herself, Sophia went to the library and opened up a search engine on one of the computers. Sighed, and hesitantly used her weathered fingers to type;


Instantly the page was filled with news articles, a mix of information about their family home, along with the sinister discoveries made public about her father’s enterprise with the Italian mafia, each image filling Sophia with slightly more hatred to her family, yet, she needed help… Sophia refined her search, she entered;

“Marcus Falcone”, her closest brother.

There. Right in front of her, Weazel News articles and social media posts, her brother Marcus was in Los Santos, where he was making a name for himself in gangs and crime mafias. Marcus Falcone was a notorious criminal who, although known for crime, wasn't caught by law enforcement too often for his wrong-doings. Regardless, Sophia had found what she was looking for. Over the coming months, she stole and saved money, just enough for a flight, she was ready to reunite with what was left of her family.


2nd of March 2022, the tires screech, the momentum causes everyone to nod their heads at once as the brakes are applied. Her plane touched down at Los Santos International Airport. It wasn’t long before the shuttle bus arrived at the bus station opposite the hospital, Sophia Falcone arrived in Los Santos…

It took very little time for Sophia to find the right people to ask if they knew who and where Marcus Falcone was. The answer she found, Eclipse Towers. Sophia walked from the bank to the apartment area, and there. Getting into his car was Marcus.


“Oi! Dickhead.” teased Sophia.

“Holy shit, is that… Is that you?” Marcus returned.

They both exchanged a stare, taking in how much they had both grown since they last saw each other, Sophia, from a young girl to a strong nineteen year old woman, And Marcus from a scrawny teen to a fighting fit gangster. 

“Sophia? Is that you?” Marcus questioned. 

Sophia replied with a single nod. Smirking under her face mask. Years apart, and now reunited. Sophia hopped into his car and they sped off, heading to get Sophia some ‘experience’ in Los Santos…



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DISCLAIMER: Involves detailed violence!


Marcus and Sophia drove across the city, exchanging little words as they got used to being in each other’s presence. Sophia soaking in the city, Marcus keeping his eyes on the road. 

Woooo! Police lights ignited the back of Marcus’ green V-STR. An LSPD car signalled and followed him to the side of the road. The officer called for backup, 1. 2. 3 units responded to his request.

“Afternoon Mr Falcone,” said the initiating officer as he approached the window. 
“Can I see your licence please?”. Marcus nodded, presenting his licence to the officer. After giving it a glance, the officer bent down, peering to the passenger side where a masked Sophia was sitting. 
“Hello, miss, can you remove your mask and do you mind showing me your licence too?”
Sophia slowly dragged her head to face the officer, raising an eyebrow at the request.
“Why do you want mine?”, she enquired.
“Just policy ma’am.”
Sophia looked at her brother, he gave her a slight nod. Reaching into her back pocket Sophia withdrew her ID card, showing it to the officer as she unclipped her mask revealing her face.

A few moments later the officer returned, giving Marcus his ID back.
“Do me a favour, keep the speed down Mr Falcone, you’re free to go after I turn my lights off.”
Sophia looked at Marcus,
“What was that about?”, she asked.
“Dumb fucking cops love pulling me over. Come, let’s go Bridge St.”
Sophia squinted at the vacating police vehicles as they drove away, her heart pumping harder as she felt a rage come across her body…


It didn’t take long for Marcus and Sophia to arrive on Bridge St, where a woman in a rat mask and {REDACTED} stood on the sidewalk. The two siblings exited the car and took their place in the group for a few minutes, allowing the two to finish their conversation, Marcus interjected.
“Guys, this…” He paused, still not believing it himself, “this is my sister. Sophia Falcone”.
The woman quickly examined Sophia, before giving her a quick nod. Sophia returned the nod, confused why this woman was wearing a rat mask, but not thinking of mentioning it.
“Nice to meet you, Sophia, I’m Melody Frey.” 
“Likewise,” Sophia replied.
Looking toward {REDACTED}, Sophia nodded,
“And you?”
“I’m {REDACTED}, I didn’t know Marcus had a sister.”
“He left when I was young, we haven’t seen each other in a very long time.”
{REDACTED} gives an understanding nod before turning to Marcus.
“We’re about to run stores, coming?”
Marcus turns to Sophia and tilts his head, offering the question to her instead. She nods.
“Sounds good bro, let me get her set up.”

Sophia spent the day with Marcus, BSB and Melody, running stores, and earning little money. Sophia thought she’d enjoy it. Crime. But something was off, she was listening to orders, and following directions and all her ideas were being shut out, she needed more control…

The day came to an end and they loaded up the last of the packed cash into a Kamacho.
“We’re going to the east side, meet up with Drift now,” Marcus said over the radio.
Sophia hopped in the passenger seat, and they sped off to Los Santos Drift’s HQ, 2 members of LSD came out and greeted Marcus, and Sophia listened.
“Cheers brother, we’ve got your cash now.” Said one of the men in Orange, collecting the packages from Marcus. 
“We’re bored as fuck right now, we could do with some chops, to be honest.”
Hearing the mention of ‘Chop’, Sophia was intrigued, hoping for something bloody.
“What’s a chop?” Her voice floated out of the Kamacho window.
The two LSD members approached the passenger door smirking at Sophia,
“Who’s this?” One said to Marcus.
“Gents, this is my sister, Sophia Falcone. She’s riding with me for a bit.”
She nodded at the two of them.
“I’m Ansel Snow”, said one of them.
“Bring vehicles you steal to us, and we’ll let you keep the cash.” He said.
Sophia let out a sigh. Nodding at him.
“Gotcha.” She returned.
“Take my number.” Ansel offered, giving his number to Sophia to save.
Marcus nodded at the two and collected his cash, hopping back in the car.
“Let’s go, I need to sleep.”



Marcus was asleep, and Sophia was alone in the city. She began to wander around, before making it to Legion Square, where there was a high-end-looking sports car parked outside a hotel. Thinking about what she was told earlier that day, Sophia checked the area, the sun was still up, but it was still dim outside. The streets were quiet. She approached the driver’s side of the car slowly…  Peering inside, it was empty. She took out a lockpick from her pocket that she stole from Marcus earlier. And placed it against the lock of the door, she looked around once more, before seeing the door of the hotel was slightly open… She paused, looking at the lockpick, she put it back into her pocket and approached the hotel door, keeping her senses on high alert. She entered. The foyer was highly decorated and she could hear chatter and music in one of the rooms. This was enough she needed. They were distracted. She slipped back outside, leaving the door as she found it. She went back to the door and began to pick the lock. Click. Click. Click. Click… She stopped. Tried the handle. It opened. Sophia quickly hopped in, as soon as the door opened the car’s alarm began to sound, but that didn’t matter, she started the engine and put her foot down, she was away. 
She quickly got onto her phone, calling Ansel.
“You still want a car to chop?” She asked.
“Of course, come to our HQ”, responded Ansel.
Sophia sped to the LSD HQ where Ansel was already waiting on his motorbike, he beeped twice signalling Sophia to follow, and she did. They went around to LSD Mechanic.
Some spannering, hammering and dismantling later, Sophia got her 16k and Ansel was happy.

“Need a ride somewhere?”  offered Ansel.
“Sure, can you take me to Eclipse?” 
“Of course, hop on.”
Racing through the city, Ansel suddenly stopped in Strawberry… 
“You need to get off, I need to go now, the boys are fighting!” Ansel exclaimed.
Without a word, Sophia obliged. Watching as Ansel spun around and sped off.

At this point the night had begin to creep in. Looking at the cash in her hands, Sophia examined her surroundings. She located a store and entered it. Sophia’s emotionless stare, while she was requesting to buy a knife, was unnerving to the store owner, but he accepted her cash and handed her the knife…

Walking. Walking. Walking. Sophia strolled over the bridge near Mount Zonah. Something caught her eye, a postal van, she attached the mask across her face, concealing herself. Crossing the street toward the hairdresser, where she approached the Go Postal van which seemed to have crashed into a tree. She stood near and saw the driver swearing and cursing at his van. She watches him have a bit of a meltdown, before approaching further.
“The fuck are you looking at woman?!” Belted the man.
Sophia didn’t say anything, staring at him.
“You don’t speak, baa! Fuck off you stupid bitch”, continued the man.
She felt her heart pump and an impulse growing inside her. She took another step toward him.
“Can you fuck off? This isn’t a kitchen you fucking whore!” The man’s temper was clearly peaking, and he approached Sophia aggressively.
Sophia finally opened her mouth, “You should be nicer.” She claimed as he stepped toward her.
“Shut the fuck up dumb bi-...” His voice was lost. 
Sophia stood still, as did he. Their eyes met. A confused expression on his face, zero expression on hers. Droplets hit the ground between them. The driver’s eyes slowly lower to his stomach. Sophia’s fist was pressed against his belly, retaining the full length of her blade inside the man.
Sophia pushed him softly, causing him to stumble backward. Dropping to his knees. Sophia crouched in front of him. She stared at him in his desperate eyes.
“Pl-please… Don’t. Help me”, he pleaded. 
Sophia had a wave of power come across her body as she places the blade of her knife against his throat, closely watching his facial expressions. She pierced his throat and dragged the knife horizontally severing his windpipe and artery in one. His body dropped to the ground…

Sophia looked down at his lifeless body. Disappointed in how quickly that feeling faded. She clenched her fist and gritted her teeth in anger, delivering a flurry of stab wounds to the corpse. Nothing, the feeling was lost. She grabbed his glasses as a trophy before sprinting off into the night. Kicking walls, punching windows. Sophia spent the night fighting herself, confused why she couldn’t feel the way she did when having a life in her hands…
To be continued…

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Darkness was increasing across the city.

The end of the day; requesting Los Santos’ slumber.

Sophia stood up from the cold, grey concrete floor. Her clothes, saturated with blood from the night before. Taking in her surroundings, she didn’t recognise where she was. Tall buildings all around her. She took out her phone, checking the time. She skipped almost a full day? How? Confused, she opened her contacts.

"Come pick me up.” She texts Marcus.

A few minutes passed before her phone began to ring, her brother.

"Evening Sis, where are you at?” asked Marcus.

"Fuck knows. In the city. LSC I think.”

"I’ll find you, I have someone with me you’re going to want to meet.”

The call ended, and Sophia made her way to the road, where, indeed, she was outside the mall, near LSC. It wasn’t long before the green VST-R pulled up alongside her, this time with two masked occupants, one clearly Marcus, the other… Unknown.

Sophia got into the rear passenger seat and sat back as the car moved off, she was trying to recollect what happened to her last night. She could remember the guy with the van, and she remembers stabbing him, then a blur. Nothing. No recollection from the moment her blade penetrated that man. What hap-...

Her thoughts were interrupted when Marcus turned around to her and said,

"You remember who this is sis?”

Sophia shuffled over to the centre spot and looked at the man, who turned to see her too. Removing his mask. Sophia knew him instantly. 

Leonardo, the middle brother.

"Nice to see you again Sophia. Been a while!” Leo said enthusiastically, looking up and down at his little sister he paused…

Sophia nodded at him.

"It has.” She returned.

"What the fuck happened to you? You’re covered in blood…”

Hearing this, Marcus pulled over and turned around to view his little sister’s clothing.

"Holy shit Sophia, you okay?” He asked.

"Yeah. I’m fine, it’s not my blood. I… had an issue last night, but it’s dealt with. Don’t worry.” She responded hesitantly. Not wanting to be treated differently like she normally is. She wanted to hide what she’d done so she could continue to stay with her brothers… She needed to control this.

"Bloody hell, right, we need to get you cleaned up.” Marcus said as he put the car in drive and sped off toward Chumash…

The Falcones arrived at Chumash Pier, a very quiet area of Los Santos.

The three walked along it, nobody else there. Once reaching the far end, Marcus turned to Sophia.

"Clean yourself off down there. We’ll wait.”

She returned a slight nod before using a ladder to climb to the water level, discreetly. She begins to scrub her clothes while her brothers keep watch.


It wasn’t long before she returned to her brothers. Soaked.

"This was a shit idea Marcus.” Sophia muttered.

He smirks under his mask and tilts his head,

"Better than bloody clothes.” He said,

"Come we’ll get you some new ones.”

The trio soon arrived at Suburban near Burgershot. Marcus gave Sophia some money and allowed her to get an outfit. She never cared for fashion, just something to put on so she didn’t get cold. Black shorts and a buttoned shirt, that’s the cheapest she found.

"Looks great sis, let’s go” Called Marcus. Sophia agreed and ran to the car, hopping in. The car took off east, to Mirror Park.

BSB were having a gathering, Sophia recognised a load of them as they pulled into Bridge St. She saw there were packs within this gang, cliques that stuck together, only pretending to be there for one another. It was subtle, little arguments, who’d take whos side. Little things she noticed, but there was one person who stuck out, one of the youngest. Anakin Bridge. He was different, despite his age he had control beyond his rank and seniority, he earned it by butting heads with opposition. Sophia took a liking to him, interested in who he was, who he was trying to hide.

"Anakin, lay with me." Sophia said, laying on the pavement.

Anakin shrugged and agreed, taking up a space next to her.


"Why do you hang out here? You argue with everyone, why bother?" Inquired Sophia.

"These guys are like my family, th-" Anakin was interrupted by a loud sigh from Sophia.

She pushed herself up and got to her feet, the thought of him considering these people 'family' annoyed her. A bunch of hooligans could not be a family... Family, the Falcones were a family, right?

Anakin looked up at her as she inspected the group around her, looking confused he stood up too, and run up to and hopped the fence, to talk to some members around the back.

Something felt off, a slow wave descended over Sophia, it felt like anger gift-wrapped in adrenaline. Surrounded by people, but completely alone, this feeling. Why? The rage kept building and building... image.thumb.png.e9d06958aef451e7fee1ea8e177d0876.png

Sophia looked to Marcus,

"I need to go. Now."

Before he had time to answer, Sophia began to run toward the corner. Turning, she head into the city...

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DISCLAIMER: Involves detailed violence!


It had been 4 days since Sophia ended a life. She attempted to resist her urges, wanting to fit in with her brother as it had taken her so long to get to this point. But something… something wasn’t adding up, her brain kept sending her signals, commands, on what would make her feel in control again. “Murder”.


She spent the last days stealing cars, trying to get a mental fix in other ways. Nothing was working, however she was making some money. Not that she needed or wanted money, but she knew she would have to buy equipment if she was to take back control of her life. She took some time to equip herself, buying a cheap car for storage and plenty of tools…



She equipped one of her blades, testing its balance. She placed it on the roof of her car. Pulling her mask over her face, and securing her hat with a tug and a twist, Sophie ventured into the underground of Los Santos, the rundown south-side of the city, to find a lonely victim to inflict a lifetime's worth of pain and suffering. 



Twins. She saw two identical twins, laying in the garbage of this wretched place. Perfect.


Sneaking up from behind, she knew she’d struggle against them both. Surprise was key. Her blade at the ready, clutched harshly in her right hand, rose to throat level… In one burst of speed, agility and rage, Sophia severed one of the twin’s throats and an almost explosive burst of hot red blood gushed from his laceration. Before he could react, the twin was met with an aggressive puncture to his stomach. He dropped to the floor, laying in a puddle of his brother’s blood. Fear, desperation and pain. Sophia was in control.


She began to push her blade throughout his guts, carving his life out of his body. She watched him emotionless, seeing him panic, scream and fade out of this world… Sophia smirked under her mask. Taking a piece of flesh from each.




Sirens burst around the streets around her, not knowing what they’re looking for. This isolated girl was not their suspect as she wandered away, pleased with her work. The day was young, she wasn’t finished. The high she was on was beginning to fade, already, minutes after she ended 2 lives. She needed another. 


Keeping south, she soon found herself near Little Seoul, immediately upon passing a Dojo, she noticed a lone… naked… man. Blood still dripping from her blade, she approached him, seemingly unnoticed until he turned and looked at the knife, returning his gaze to Sophia’s eyes.


“Come on Bitch! Come on Bitch! Stab me, Stab me hoe!”


Sophia didn’t take a moment to consider his offer before plunging her knife to full depth into this strange man.


“Okay, okay, I didn’t expect you to do it…” Confesses the man.


Without a word, Sophia dragged him into a nearby bush, and began to slice his body into small pieces. His screams were loud, hysterical and exactly what Sophia wanted. His body soon gave in to the shock and pain, falling silent. She took a piece of his flesh with her.



Sophia found herself near the canals where 2 men, 1 on a cruiser motorbike and the other on a Faggio decided to try and ‘rob’ her. They couldn’t have predicted what would happen next…


“Hey girlie, all alone?” asked the Faggio rider.


Sophia didn’t reply, and continued to walk.


“Hey! He’s talking to you” said the other. Causing Sophia to stop, turn and examine these men. Her blade was quickly taking up position in her palm. 


“What?” She replied.


“What you going to do with that?” asked the Faggio ride. Sophia didn’t entertain a conversation. Kicking him off of his bike, and thrusting her knife toward his neck. Missed.


“Hey!” his friend dismounted, running over to Sophia, a swing inbound for her head. Sophia ducked and countered with her blade drawing blood along his forearm.


Shocked he stumbled backwards and looked at his friend who was getting to his feet, 


“You got this, I’ll be back!” he explained, holding his arm while clumsily getting on his bike and riding off. 


Sophia reverted her attention to the Faggio man who was now standing, posed to fight. Sophia tilted her head. Sizing him up. She took a pace. The man’s eyes widened in fear, and he hastily grabbed his Faggio's handles and tried to make a run for it, down the side passage on the water-side, but Sophia cut him off almost instantly, diving onto him, causing them both to roll over onto the pavement. Before she had a moment to compose herself, she was already engaged in a frenzied disembowelment of him, she couldn’t control this rage… She was a passenger, but she enjoyed it. She shook herself off, and looked over the body. 



Night was beginning to show its face, Sophia was exhausted. Her first spree. This was for her. She’d never felt this relaxed and at ease with herself. Walking to where Marcus and her stayed, she paused to reminisce of the day, by looking at the trophies she took… She unhooked her mask and wrapped the little pieces of flesh in it. She throw it on the floor, the day was done.



Or so she thought…


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