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The Madrazo Enterprise is a high-class crime family that began in 1952 in Tiros, Brazil. The Enterprise began when the Italian Madrazo's moved to Brazil for, what they believed, could be a better life. When they moved they found nothing but mistreatment and hatred, they were robbed many times, none of their homes were considered safe, ever since then - The Enterprise has been the family business. The Family continues to stick to its Italian roots, as they were never truly accepted in Brazil. Shortly after the older generation Madrazo's sadly passed away, The Brothers, Lucas, Vinny and Tony all knew they had to do something to make them proud. They decided to start the Enterprise new and hopefully make it shine brighter than it did in their home country. The three collectively chose the location, mapped the plan and set off to Los Santos to create an even better and successful life.






In 1952, Alonzo Madrazo and his two brothers Giovanni and Arturo moved from Florence, Italy to a small town in Brazil called Tiros. The three brothers moved in hopes of making a better life for their family by creating a business in Brazil. After opening up a small bar and finally getting a small house in Tiros, they had both their Home and Bar robbed by the people of the town. Due to this, they decided they couldn't make money the proper way. The three brothers improvised a plan, planning to make a crime family and take the town by storm.


The Three Brothers built their legacy in the town by opening up a different type of business this time. This time around they took the illegal route and started growing their own illegal drugs, first they started with Cannabis. They would grow the cannabis in house, harvest it and purify it to become the full product, then they would finish the deal by distributing it. The brothers continued expanding by growing and distributing many other drugs such as, Cocaine, Ecstasy, LSD and more. They built the holy grail of drug businesses, they were finishing the process from Growth to Sale, all in house. The profit margins were insane and it kept the Madrazo name very popular and well known in the town.


After decades of a successful Enterprise ran in Brazil, the Enterprise founders, Alonzo, Giovanni and Arturo all passed away from a gang attack. After this, the new generation, Lucas, Vinny and Tony decided to move to Los Santos to try and make their relatives proud. They decided they would become the most successful Crime Enterprise in Los Santos.





  • Build a Clubhouse and/or Bar
  • Establish a presence in Los Santos
  • Establish a Market for our illegal products
  • Open up a Casino 
  • Offer Hitman services to the public, allowing them to contract a gun for hire.
  • Stay under the radar from all the Federal Agencies







Kingpin: The Kingpin's are the leaders of the Madrazo Enterprise. They are individuals who run the family as a whole, making sure every business exchange goes smooth and makes sure all the family members stay safe. They are overall the glue that holds the Enterprise together.


Underboss: The Underboss' hold a lot of power in the Enterprise. They are helping make sure that all the Executives are doing their jobs and ensure that the family members are doing good in sales and other markets.


Executive: The Executives of the Enterprise help enseure that all the new Enforcers, and Outsiders hoping to become Enforcers, are getting comfortable in the family, making sure that everyone is being friendly and helping them adjusted.

Soldato:  Soldato's are finally considered to be apart of the family, Even if you aren't blood related, the Madrazo's in the Enterprise will finally begin to welcome you as a honorary Madrazo family member. Soldato's are expected to do very well in sales and other business markets in order to reach this point.


Associate: Associates are full members of the Enterprise, After a good amount of sales and jobs done with the family, an Executive or higher will promote them from an Enforcer to an Associate.


Enforcer: Enforcers are new guys around the Enterprise, they aren't fully acknowledged as a full member yet, although they are on the right track and after a few Jobs and Sales, they will be promoted.





  • GOOD STANDING IN THE COMMUNITY || Can not have a lot of Admin punishments, Admin Logs have to be pretty clean in order to join. You can not be known around as a troll or a rule-breaker and Join.


  • GOOD ATTITUDE AND NO DRAMA/OOC FIGHTS || We all want to have a good time and play, make some good memories and call it a day. Nobody wants OOC fights over IC situations and all the drama that comes with it. If you intend to bring that, please refrain from approaching us to join.


  • MUST REMAIN FRIENDLY AND RESPECTFUL TO OTHERS ON AND OFF THE SERVER || We do not want our members terrorizing the town by making fun of new members, being mean, etc. In Game and on Discord or any OOC sources are both included, You should not be disrespecting people OOCly or ICly and be apart of the Madrazo Enterprise.


  • MUST RP AN APPROPRIATE CHARACTER AS A MEMBER || You can not act NON-RPly and go out of character once you join, this just looks bad on us and it will end up getting a person removed from the family.





Make sure you have read all of our OOC rules and expectations, then find us In game IC'ly and start to communicate with the Members. If they enjoy your interaction, most likely they will try and bring you into the family.

Although joining does take time, the family is not very large and open, taking in only trusted people. You have to earn trust before you earn a spot.


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