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Bring back admin-made crim RP opps

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As all crims know, admin-made crim events became no longer a thing after what happened at the plane crash event which was announced by Bakmeel.

"Furthermore, we as a Senior Admin Team and Event Team have come to the conclusion that we simply can not host anymore of these unique RP scenarios  (the Smuggler Plane Crash event and the Money Transport event from several weeks ago) due to the actions displayed by the involved players, as we do not believe that we can expect any other outcome for these sort of events."

I'm here to suggest bringing back similar RP opps, but under a lot of conditions.

Example but not limited to:-

1- An expensive painting is being transported from X to Y and its heavily secured by LEOs (Not the 2 whole factions, just some cruisers with the rest being on alert in case shit happens)

An announcement is made about it to alert crims and after an hour (to give crims time to plan something), the convoy starts moving.

As this was previously removed by Bakmeel. I suggest that IF crims successfully claimed the painting and got away with it, whether the painting be the real one or a fake will depend on how admins rate their RP during the event.

This painting can just be a note with a painting in it, changing the word "NOTE" on it with the name of the painting would make it better, if that's possible.

That's just one example of many other RP events that can be done where the reward isnt always guns or combat-related loot.

Can also replace the painting with anything else of value like packs of money, confiscated drugs, jewelery or even antiques.

So basically just bring it back, with the reward depending on how good these people RPed and performed.

This can also open up black market RP of selling that painting or whatever was gained from the event, with that involving both crims and legals looking to have this one of a kind reward.

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Hello, factions can still do special RP events if they work with Faction Services, and sometimes there are even rewards if the roleplay is good (e.g. money). This has been done successfully in the past, e.g. Irish' Jewelry Heist and Royals' Money Transport Heist (not the public one). All you need is a proper plan of action, run it through Faction Services who works closely with the Event Team to make these events happen. We would much rather resume this way. 

For the public, the Event Team regularly hosts server events for all players to partake in. 

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