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Speed limit change

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Hi. It is nearly impossible to drive my car in an enjoyable and tolerable way without getting pulled over most of the time. sometimes going to jail if you have a suspended license.

Could you please make the speed limit 100 in cities and 160 outside cities or somewhere close.

This is make the RP experience less boring if you abide by the law or irritating if you want to simply enjoy driving. Look at it this way. since there are no NPC's driving, it is safe to drive 100 in cities.

I don't find it fun to receive 1000 $ tickets every time you drive a bit faster than 80 and after a while you get your license suspended which caused me to get arrested.

Basically 80 is too slow for a game where the streets are empty.

I hope you consider this suggestion and thanks for your time.

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As mentioned, this is something to petition the government for IC. As for the OOC portion (the empty city streets), the streets are only empty due to server performance issues and allowing more actual players to be on the server concurrently. The streets should still RP wise be treated as if it was a normal city with many civilians.

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