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Ability to add custom amount on burgershot tickets

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Think it would be good if when working at Burgershot, instead of having to type out each item individually you could add a number next to the item.

For example: For an order of 10 burgers and 1 fries, instead of having to type:

burger. burger. burger. burger. burger. burger. burger. burger. burger. burger. fries

You could just type: 

burgerx10. fries

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I think it would be better if it had a menu of its own like the one for Dealerships/Stores. A clean menu with a white background and neat font, accompanied by pictures. 

First tab, SEND ORDER: (in the same menu)

  • Player ID text box; a box to put in the ID of the player the offer goes to.
  • A title with the item name, where items would be listed vertically; Burger, Hotdog, Taco, Submarine, Soda, Water and Coffee.
  • A title with the quantity, where you would be able to input the requested quantity into a text box, coated with a (+) for increasing qty. and (-) for decreasing qty. buttons.
  • A live view of the amount that has to be paid at the menu's corner.
  • A cancel order button; to cancel the order. 
  • The receiver has to be within close range in order to receive the order.

Second tab, DELIVER ORDER: (in the same menu)

  • A title with the customer name, where names would be listed vertically.
  • A title of their order, where the orders would be listed vertically opposing to the player name: x2 Taco, x1 Water, etc. 

As for the ''customer side, the View Orders button should be removed due to the fact you can view your own order/receipt information from the inventory by checking the ticket. The player has no business to know who ordered what and shouldn't be accessible to everyone.

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