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Engine Repair Cost Change

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To start, I don't want to spend more money on repairs, however I would love for people to drive a little... better.

Currently engine repairs are always a flat fee as listed below,

     900-1000: $0 Base Cost
     1-899: $500 Base Cost
     0: $500-$(A lot), Dependent on vehicle.

I think it should be changed to a scaling value based on how damaged your vehicle is getting larger and larger till the cost of a full vehicle repair when it is 0'd out.

900-1000 would still be $0 because those are just general desync things or minor bumps, nothing to worry about.
1-899 should start to scale to the cars 0'd out engine cost. This will scale based on the value of your vehicle as it would in real life. A $700,000 Paragon R is going to be more expensive then a $50,000 Futo to repair. 

I think labor costs should still be the same from the mechanic companies, this should increase from $500 and $350 for LSC, MPT and Bayview respectively. Obviously it is up to the companies to decide that if it does become implemented.


  • I think this would stop people from being as crazy with vehicles and maybe think about ramming each other, or using there vehicle as a "I can do whatever to it, this will only cost $1000 to fix"
  • It becomes more realistic in terms of going to a mechanic and paying what the damage really costs.
  • Hopefully better driving from everyone!


  • Obviously this will just cost more money than a simple $1000-ish repair with labor.


Obviously I don't *really* want to pay more to repair my vehicles, and I know some arguments are going to be "but desync" however, we all have to learn how to shoot with desync so I don't really see a difference in just driving and paying a bit more attention to your surroundings.

This is only a suggestion because people slam vehicles around all of the time, it doesn't really break any rules but they aren't really caring about the property they invested sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in to.

Finally, I think if implemented. There should be some fee for freelance jobs or even government jobs that have vehicles to be held to the same standards as a normal car owner. Maybe when you return a vehicle to your respective garages, it takes into account the damage and issues a repair fee. Just because some jobs are "Government Funded" doesn't stop you from paying for your own supplies if you are being reckless with it. This would also help stop the idea of "this is more money criminals have to pay for using there vehicles". I think everyone should RPly have there own personal cruisers, or vehicles, that's the whole idea of /createunit CALLSIGN is you get your own vehicle you have to take care of. Same with Money Trucks or GoPostal Vans, you are renting that from the freelance company.

Give me your thoughts, I know this is probably going to get a bit of downvotes purply because it costs more money, but the reasonings should help.


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There is a lot of money in the server and some additional money sink that also improves driving RP would be good.

As for the LEO side, I am not sure how to feel about that though. I agree that LEOs are often unrealistic with their driving as well and should have to pay for it in some way also. Only issue is there are things LEOs also use the cruisers for such as training new officers in driving and PIT maneuvers. Also we do training in other areas that require we destroy the tires or practice things that damage the vehicle and this would hinder that RP. 

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