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Ace Schneider

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Very overdue, but hey! Im Astrx, but i go by Ace as that is my characters name, i'm very fond of RP and the community it draws together. Since joining eclipse i have had nothing but amazing interactions, and the help that people give to new players is amazing to see. This is a community that i absolutely love and hope to be apart of for a very long time!

Other than that my character, Ace Schneider is an introvert who has had to learn to be more open in the world and if you've ever met him then you'd probably understand that haha. He is anxious when it comes to certain activities, but i will save the rest for if we meet ingame 😉.

I hope to meet many more people in my time here and simply cant wait to be apart of many stories and character development! Much love to the ECRP community ❤️

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