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Demerits getting removed off drivers license once a suspention is lifted.

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Date and time (provide timezone): 4/7/2022. 20:30

Character name: Dario_Falcone

Issue/bug you are reporting: Demerits getting removed off drivers license once a suspention is lifted.

Expected behavior:  If s suspention is lifted, then the demerits stay.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Once a license suspention has been lifted, all of the demerits that had previously been on the players record get removed. My character had around 15 or so, and an officer incorrectly applied the license suspention, suspending my license for 2 days instead of 1. After pm-ing him, he lifted the suspention and suspended it again for a day. After getting my license back, I realised that all of my demerits were gone off the license. It's not a game breaking bug, but it would be nice to fix and maybe to re-add the demerits to my characters record as it would be nice for RP.
Proof of having: N/A, tried searching through my POV's but found no evidence supporting this. However, if you come up to any of the people that know me ICly they would confirm this fact. Even some of PD / SD might remember, people who can deffinetly confirm this are Marcus Falcone and Apol Falcone. Others may not know me.
Evidence of loss: https://prnt.sc/nLkq6qLxdFVV
Vehicle license plate number*: N/A


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