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ATLAS Private Military and Security Consultants

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                                                    WHAT IS ATLAS?

The name Atlas comes from geography. As we learn to work with the terrain and urban environment. We expect the unexpected and are always ready to move. 

 enough is enough with these innocent people getting robbed. Leaving messes behind for authority's and People to come across and pick up. We respect the Law but if the law get in our way, we shall not stop. Speak for the people, We respect the citizens of Los Santos and do not wish to hurt them. 



                                                                                                                              "We Shoot People who need shooting"
                                                                                                                                     "We help people who need helping" 

                                                                                                                                                              "And we give, to people who need givin"




General- Overall militia Leader

Major- Second IC

Captain- 3rd IC






                                                     BACK STORY
Our origins date back to 1979. After Vietnam a lot of EX US army, navy, and marine corps members were looking for something to do. Mostly those that got sent home via injury. A lot of those men liked what they did in the military. a lot of veterans took up security jobs or hard labor work forces. and then others took a different line of work. What originally was a small security force for the innocent has gone to the size of a gang. In the 90s we were known for our trust worthy security members and high Expectations. In Mexico, 2005 We got in to a bit off a mess. some gangs around this time did not like us because we were costing other gangs business. so we were set up. A gang said they wanted security so we meet them behind this old building. and they open fired. We lost lots of good men. the battle between our two huge gangs raged on for days. The police could not stop this battle and unfortunately got got in the cross fire. Even the Mexican military stepped in. putting an end to this war. By the end of it a total of 350 friendly's and rival gang members lied dead. We our now forced to work under the Law as we our no longer considered by the law to be a "Trust worth group". We went back to the united states. there we Lie Low as we try to rebuild and structure. 


Current day, we are still working under the nose of the PD and the general public of los Santos. We respect the law and the people but if they get in our way we will not stop.      



More INFO Coming soon...



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Will keep tabs... Great idea, however the post doesn't confer professionalism nor "precision" if you will~ This is the first post you bring out to the forum to introduce a massive initiative. I recommend you revise it. Add more details about ATLAS, thicken the plot a bit, and check out some of those grammatical errors. 

Good luck 

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