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Add a discord ticket system.

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Hell gents! 

Adding a discord ticket system would carry a lot of benefits for the players of ECRP. It can be used for situations like getting perms for a alternative RP scenario, so it can be reviewed even a few days before the RP takes place to avoid any last minute issues. It would allow for players to talk to staff directly with questions and whatnot. 

The one downside i can see to this is that since ECRP has a fairly large community the staff team could possibly be overran with discord tickets. However i believe that this won't become and issue. 

Discord tickets are very easy to implement so i don't see why it shouldn't be considered. 

Example of a ticket bot: https://ticketsbot.net/

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I like the idea, setting up a private ticket system. Unfortunately I can see it heavily abused as well or used where players expect their in-game or forum reports to be rushed. The best solution would be to have a webhook that pings or notifies staff when a new post is created in https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/4-player-reports/ and when a report is created in-game, like Weazel.

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This was brought up for discussion around the same time as this post and the discussion led to the conclusion that we do not feel a need for this as there are other multiple pre-existing routes a player can take to get help such as making a forum thread post, making an in-game report, etc. Apologies for such a delayed response!


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