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Radio and bag bug

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Date and time (provide timezone): 15th of October 2018, 12:50 GMT +1

Character name: Zilian Dent

Issue/bug you are reporting: Your radio staying active whenever you swap it out for something inside a bag. 

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: You need to have radio in your inventory which is on and a bag with atleast 1 item in it. Now when you put the item in the bag in the slot of your radio in your inventory, the radio will go into the bag and the item in to your inventory. Now normally when you drop a radio it would stop functioning because obviously you dont have it on you anymore. However, when you do this, you technically don't drop the radio you just swap it out for something else and it will stay active. I first did this bug by accident and it stayed active for even after I was brought to prison, died and spawned back. The radio never turned off (I had no way of turning my radio off until I bought a new one). 

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