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Accidentally changed keybinds to default now I can't figure out how to reset my radio PTT back to the mouse wheel

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Issue Being Reported: How do I set my Radio PTT to mouse wheel?

Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 5/25/2022; time: 8:00 CST 

Your characters name: Conor Petrucci

Other player(s) involved: none

Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: Accidentally set my keybinds to default when I was playing with settings. I had my radio PTT to mouse wheel beforehand and I don't remember it being overly difficult to set it to something besides N, but I can't find the setting for the life of me in the settings again. Did some research to try to fix this by myself before having to make a post but everything I found seems to talk about using something called AutoHotKey and from what I understand that's no longer necessary anymore nor do I remember having to do that beforehand.

I know it's an easy fix as I have done it before but it was a while ago and I apologize for asking what is probably going to seem obvious when it gets answered. Also, if this is the wrong place to ask sorry for that as well. I had it set before. Didn't know it would be so difficult to get it set back. 

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Hello there!

  1. Open the pause menu (ESC)
  2. Navigate to Settings Key Bindings > Hit Enter
  3. Change the below titles to your desired hotkey.
  • You will find the proximity push-to-talk button in GTA Online > Push to Talk (N)
  • RadioGeneral Interaction Menu (M)
  • PhoneI don't think it can be changed, could be wrong, but you can use AHK to rebind it if I am correct.


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